Yelp Pricing for HVAC: How Much Should I Spend on Yelp Ads?

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Yelp Pricing for HVAC: How much should I spend on Yelp ads?

Let’s talk Yelp pricing for HVAC companies. How much should you budget to advertise your heating and cooling company on Yelp?

Frankly, the answer is… whatever your heart desires!

The good news is that Yelp has no monthly minimum spend requirements. You could spend $20 on your first month of Yelp ads, if you so desired.

Now, we don’t recommend starting with a mere $20; it won’t give you a great idea of how your ads are performing against the other types of advertising you may be doing, and it won’t reach a ton of people – so it’s too small an amount.

But the cool part (pun intended, and I bet I’m no better than your last customer who couldn’t stop with the HVAC puns) is that you can start with a small amount to test the waters and try Yelp out as a marketing channel. Since you need real results to examine when judging ad performance, our recommendation is to start with a more reasonable amount so you can accurately analyze your Yelp advertising.

For HVAC companies only now trying Yelp ads, we recommend starting around $300 – $500 monthly for your first couple of months. This will allow you to see how Yelp stacks up against other media in bringing you new customers who need HVAC services now (without spending too many of your hard-earned dollars).

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Yelp Pricing for HVAC: Yelp Ads Explained

Yelp ads can go two ways: impression-based or pay-per-click.

Impression-based advertising means paying to get eyes on your ad. Generally, you pay per thousand pairs of eyeballs. Remember, this doesn’t mean 1,000 different or “unique” users, since a user may end up seeing your ad more than one time. Importantly, this type of advertising is slowly getting phased out at Yelp.

We recommend using pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Yelp. The click guarantees a visit to your profile, meaning that the user clicking has some interest in what you offer (because they clicked on your ad). Your dollars are then being spent on much more intentional behaviors by people who need your services, rather than just showing your ad through impression based advertising to those who may not even have interest in your offering.

Yelp pricing for HVAC - Yelp ads explained here,

So, a few bucks get you a click on your Yelp ad, on average. The person clicking does have to be persuaded to call you for service after they browse your profile, but when they do – think about how low-cost it is to recruit that customer from Yelp, especially when you consider the average size of an HVAC work order.

The cost-per-click can and does vary by physical location.

Your Yelp account manager will likely pull this for you, but be sure to know the number of searches people are doing for HVAC services on Yelp every month in your market. This can hopefully give you an idea of how popular Yelp is around you and whether it would make sense for you to test out running ads through Yelp.

So, we covered Yelp pricing for HVAC. If you’re interested in testing Yelp ads for your HVAC company, know that there’s no long-term contract, just plenty of runway for testing a platform where users are ready to buy your services now!



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