Yelp Pricing for Auto Shops: How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Yelp?

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Let’s talk Yelp pricing for auto shops. How much does it actually cost to advertise your tire and auto repair facility on Yelp?

Answer is … whatever you want. There’s no minimum monthly spend! Literally, you can pay $20 for your first round of ads on Yelp, if you actually wanted.

Do we recommend starting with $20? Well, it won’t give you a great picture of how your ads are performing against other types of advertising and it really won’t reach many people – so maybe that’s too small an amount.

But the point is that you can start with a very small amount and begin to test the value of Yelp as a marketing medium. Since you need actual results to examine when analyzing ad performance, our recommendation is to start with a more reasonable amount so you can collect enough data to judge your Yelp ads.

For those first dipping their toes in the waters of Yelp advertising, we recommend starting between $100 and $300 for your first couple of months. This will allow you to see how the Yelp platform does in bringing you new customers who are ready to buy tires and/or automotive services now (without spending too many of your hard-earned dollars).

Choosing Your Yelp Ads

Yelp ads can be impression-based or pay-per-click. Impression-based advertising means paying to get eyeballs. Generally, you pay per thousand eyeballs. Remember, this doesn’t mean 1,000 different users, since each user may end up seeing your ad on multiple pages.

In today’s world, we recommend pay-per-click ads on Yelp. The click guarantees a visit to your profile, meaning that the user clicking has some interest in your offering (because they clicked on your ad).

So, the cost of a click on Yelp is a couple of bucks. The person clicking does have to be persuaded to visit your shop or buy online from there, but when they do – think about how low-cost it is to recruit a new customer from Yelp.

The cost-per-click can and does vary by geography, so if you’re curious about the cost in your local area for Yelp advertising, reach out to your Yelp account manager. At that time, they can also pull the number of searches there are for your auto and repair services in your local area. This can hopefully give you an idea of how popular Yelp is around you and whether it would make sense for you to test advertising on Yelp.

So, we covered Yelp pricing for auto shops. Now, if you’re wondering how Yelp ads perform for automotive businesses, follow this link for an in-depth explanation of why Yelp ads work well for tire and auto service businesses.

If you’re interested in testing Yelp ads for your business, know that there’s no long-term contract – another perk of advertising with Yelp.


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