Yelp Advertising Cost: The Ideal Monthly Budget?

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Yelp Advertising Cost - Ideal Monthly Budget?

Have you been searching high and low for the formula to calculate your perfect Yelp advertising cost, aka the correct amount of money to spend on Yelp ads in your particular industry?

If so, search no more for the answer! Please watch and learn below.


The answer to the question “What should my business spend on Yelp advertising costs?” is … Whatever you want.

Yelp has no minimum monthly spend, which is an advantage over other platforms. Now, with this flexibility, we recommend running your own Yelp ads experiment of $100 to $300 a month. Do that for a couple of months and gather the data you need to make an educated decision about Yelp ads and how they do against other forms of marketing that bring in customers who need your services now.

Now, if this surprises you, do us a favor and drop a “wow” in the comments. If you’re not surprised and you saw this coming, give us a “yep.”

A Tale of Two Yelp Ads

Yelp advertising cost comes in two forms: cost-per-click (CPC) or impression-based. The two differ in how you are charged for their performance. Impression-based ads are being phased out at Yelp.

Impression-based versus cost-per-click ads

Some things to keep in mind:

  • You generally pay per thousand eyeballs. This doesn’t mean that you’ll get a thousand unique sets of eyeballs/people looking at your ads; there could be duplicate views from the same user seeing your ad in multiple searches or pages.
  • Impression-based advertising is slowly getting phased out at Yelp.
  • With CPC, you’re paying for action, the click – for real intention on the part of the user. You don’t have to wonder if your ad resonated with the people you’re paying to reach; they clicked the ad, and that is enough to tell us that something about your message was relevant to them.


Yelp Advertising Cost: What We Recommend

Yelp Advertising Cost - Our Recommendation

We’ve helped businesses across a range of industries successfully optimize their organic Yelp presence and run paid ads to grow their customer base, a strategic effort that brought about increases in revenue with a fantastic ROI.

From what we’ve seen work on Yelp, we strongly recommend running cost-per-click ads.

Why? Because with CPC, your money is then being spent on intentional behaviors from people in the market for what you offer, rather than paying for ads that are showing up through impression-based advertising, where you’re charged no matter whether those customers found your ad appealing enough to click on it.

Doing Yelp Ads Right With Smart Marketers In Your Corner

So, we unveiled the great muster of Yelp pricing for any business owner who wants to dip their toes into advertising on a platform where consumers are ready to buy now.

If you’re interested in testing Yelp ads for your company, we’re happy to report that there’s no long-term contract, just sheer opportunity for you to try out a platform that has yielded success for companies who are doing Yelp ads right.

If you’d like to learn more about optimizing your Yelp profile to show up better in Google search, contact us below.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done in helping clients monetize Yelp and win more customers over on the platform.


Contact us for Yelp ads advice!




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