Yelp Advertising Cost For Roofing Businesses: What’s An Ideal Monthly Budget?

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Yelp Advertising Cost For Roofing Businesses

Roofing business owners, have you been trying to figure out the perfect Yelp advertising cost for your business? It can be difficult to choose what you think is the correct amount of money to spend on Yelp ads to reach customers who need your services now.

If so, search no more for the answer!

The answer to the question, “What does the ideal Yelp advertising cost for roofing businesses look like?” is … Whatever you want.

I know that this may come off as anticlimactic but honestly – Yelp has no minimum monthly spend for their ad product, which is a major advantage over other advertising platforms. With this flexibility, we recommend running your own Yelp ads experiment of $500 to $1,000 a month. Do that for 2-3 months and gather the data you need to make an educated decision about Yelp ads and how they compare to other forms of marketing in bringing customers who need your services now.

Now, if this surprises you, drop a “wow” in the comments. If you saw this coming, give us a “yep.”

Yelp Advertising Cost For Roofing Businesses: Two Ad Types

Yelp advertising cost for roofing businesses comes in two forms: cost-per-click (CPC) or impression-based. The two differ in how you are charged for their performance.


Some things to keep in mind:

  • Impression-Based advertising: You generally pay per thousand eyeballs. This doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a thousand unique sets of eyeballs/people looking at your Yelp ads; there could be duplicate views from the same person seeing your ad in multiple searches or pages.
    • Impression-based advertising is slowly getting phased out at Yelp.
  • Cost-Per-Click advertising: You’re paying for action. The click shows real intent on the part of the user. You don’t have to wonder if your ad appealed to the people you’re paying to reach; because they clicked the ad, that’s enough to tell us that your message was relevant to them.

Yelp Advertising Cost for Roofing Businesses: What We Recommend

We’ve helped businesses across a range of industries optimize their organic Yelp presence and run Yelp ads to bring new customers to their business.

From what we’ve seen work well on Yelp, we definitely recommend running cost-per-click ads.

Why? With CPC, you only pay when someone who wants your service actually clicks on your ad; this makes the chance of you earning their business much higher than when you are just paying to show your ad without worrying about how many people actually try to learn about your business (impression-based).



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