Yelp Advertiser Auto Repair: Case Studies of Automotive Yelp Advertisers

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Yelp Advertiser Auto Repair: Case Studies of Automotive Yelp Advertisers

Yelp Advertiser Auto RepairConceptual Minds has 10+ years of experience helping automotive business owners make smart marketing decisions on Yelp.

Here are a few different ways we’ve analyzed and assessed our customer’s advertising investment on Yelp, so that they’re able to grow revenue and increase customer base through this reviews platform – something they were unable to figure out before working with us.

The following case studies will offer insight into how various types of tire & auto service businesses can benefit from Yelp advertising. We’ll showcase the following types of businesses here:

• A single-location client located in the Washington D.C. Metro market
• A mobile-location client located in the Raleigh, NC market
• A multi-location client located in the Washington D.C. Metro market



Yelp Advertiser Auto Repair

CASE STUDY 1: Single-location client located in Washington D.C. Metro market

Current monthly spend on Yelp Ads: $4,200 a month

The story: This client started with zero dollars being spent on Yelp, and we strongly advised that they give Yelp ads a try with our experts overseeing their Yelp profile and campaign. Within 18 months, this auto repair shop was seeing a phenomenal ROI from Yelp Ads. By working with our strategy, this client has grown its Yelp investment over time from $0 to $4,200 a month and is seeing a major reduction in their cost-per-lead. Just in this year, this client’s cost-per-lead has dropped from $47 to $36.

Our recommendation: Given the great cost-per-lead and conversion rate on Yelp in their service area, we are advising that this client spend more on Yelp ads as long as labor capacity allows for a business increase.


Yelp Advertiser Auto Repair

CASE STUDY 2: Mobile-location client located in the Raleigh, N.C. market

Current monthly spend on Yelp Ads: $1,500

The story: We recently brought on this mobile auto repair client to our agency, and they were already advertising on Yelp. We’ve helped them better measure and strategize for their Yelp advertising.

Given the somewhat seasonal nature of their business, we conducted an ROI assessment that identified a unique trend in ad performance. Their Yelp ads performed better in busy months versus other months of the year. The cost-per-lead for this client on Yelp has varied between $30 and $90 per good lead, depending on the month.

Our recommendation: We advised this client to reduce its Yelp spend in the months with a higher cost-per-lead and reallocate that money to months when the cost-per-lead is lower.

We also recommended that they improve their tracking of Yelp calls and clicks to glean better insights into their Yelp ads performance and ROI. We made specific recommendations on the tracking technology to help this client get thorough tracking for their Yelp ads and profile performance, so that then the client can know if their Yelp ads are providing an optimal ROI versus other kinds of advertising.

Yelp Advertiser Auto Repair

CASE STUDY 3: Multi-location client located in the Washington D.C. market

Current monthly spend on Yelp Ads: $1,790

The story: We’ve worked with this multi-location auto repair and tire client’s marketing strategy across multiple marketing channels for several years, and we’ve guided their Yelp ads buy. Our diligent monthly reporting has been showing lower Yelp ads performance for some of their 8 shop locations. Additionally, we also reported a higher ROI for some of their locations over others in recent months.

Our recommendation: We advised them to reallocate marketing dollars from the shops with a lower ROI to the ones with a higher return on Yelp ads. Since one of their shops is currently at a 2-star rating on Yelp, we recommended and ultimately turned off Yelp ads for that location until its star rating improves.

Conceptual Minds + Your Yelp Advertiser Auto Repair Campaign = Smart Marketing

If you’d like to learn more about trying Yelp ads through Conceptual Minds, drop us a line below. We’re proud of the work we’ve done in helping clients navigate Yelp and are looking forward to helping you as a Yelp advertiser.

What you get when you have Conceptual Minds in your corner:

  • 10+ years of automotive marketing experience
  • Expert advice from a team that’s highly trained on Yelp platform for most effective performance
  • In-depth monthly reporting and insights to help determine return-on-investment
  • $99 SEO Profile Optimization that helps rocket your profile to the top of Google local search


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