Why Yelp Ads Work for Auto Shops

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Why Yelp Ads Work for Auto Shops

Why Yelp Ads Work for Auto ShopsIf you’re considering investing in Yelp ads, it’s imperative to know beyond a shadow of a doubt WHY Yelp ads work for auto shops — specifically, why they can work well for finding new tire service and auto repair customers.

Thousands of people use Yelp every day to find the next auto shop they want to service their vehicle. They’re at the end of their journey; they’ve gone from Point A (researching tires or what the problem is with their vehicle) to Point B (knowing what service they want to have performed on their car), so now they need to find a reliable provider.

At this point of purchase, consumers choose an automotive business based on its overall reputation, primarily from third-party reviews.

In the case of auto shops, Yelp reviews have become the new word-of-mouth for figuring out which shop will be honest and reliable. Ninety-two percent (92%) of Yelp visitors usually make a purchase after visiting Yelp.¹




Why Yelp Ads Work for Auto Shops

These are your prospects, the people skimming reviews to find a provider they feel they can trust with their vehicle and their money. Yelp happens to be one of the most used platforms for these searches, so it’s imperative that companies who want to grow and gain new customers have a buttoned-up presence on Yelp.

Yelp reviews provide shoppers an honest glimpse into what they can expect from you as a provider, thanks to customer stories told right there on your shop’s Yelp profile. Running ads where people feel comfortable choosing a business based on reviews is a smart way to find new customers who are immediately in the market for auto service.

In fact, not advertising on Yelp means missing the chance to get your highly reputed auto shop in front of people who are looking for tire and auto services.


Know How To Prep For Your Unique Yelp Ads Campaign

Yes, we did just say that Yelp ads work well for auto shops because of the high number of ready-to-buy consumers these ads can bring to you.

But Yelp ads aren’t one-size-fits-all for automotive and auto repair facilities. We’ll show you all the expert tips for prepping to run your Yelp ads campaign.


Get expert prep Yelp profile tips

Your Yelp profile is equally important part of successfully running Yelp ads, too. Why would you pay money to send Yelp users to a profile that’s not been enhanced and optimized for the best performance?

Why Yelp Ads Work For Auto Shops



Next Steps: Setting Up Your Yelp Ads Campaign

If you’re ready to set up your next Yelp ads campaign, follow the link below.


Why Yelp Ads Work For Auto Shops






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