Why Print Marketing for Auto Shops in the Digital Age?

Print Marketing for Auto Shops in the Digital Age

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In this article, we’ll discuss why and how print marketing is still effective in the digital age.

Conceptualminds | January 27, 2022

Print Marketing for Auto Shops in the Digital Age

There’s a reason why you might feel you spend more time unsubscribing to emails than reading them. There’s no escaping how dependent we’ve become on technology.

Getting unwanted emails and seeing banner ads peppered all over the computer screen is a daily event. Many of us respond by clicking out and ignoring most of the ads we see online.

While the average American spends 6 hours online shutterstock.com attention spans are now 8 seconds. Screen headaches are a real thing.

Digital Marketing for Auto Repair Shops

Online ads are no longer hot stuff because everyone does it. It’s only a matter of minutes or seconds before one ad replaces another ad.

Think of your marketing efforts like the audio settings on your car stereo. Every song needs the best combination of audio settings. if you have too much bass for example, the music won’t sound right.

The same thing applies to how you get your message out to your future customers through your different marketing channels. It’s about getting the settings right for each situation and audience.


Here’s a chance to learn about the benefits of print marketing even in and especially in the digital age:

5 Advantages of Print Marketing

1 – It’s portable and highly visible.


Unlike an online ad, a printed piece of marketing material is a physical item you can take with you.

You can place it on your desk, refrigerator, or kitchen counter – anywhere you focus your attention daily.

 2 – Reach more people.

Marketing Strategies To Increase Customers To Your Auto Shop

Not everyone is online and there are still communities and groups of people who don’t use the internet 24/7.

Consider the following:

1 in 3 people 65 years and older don’t have Internet access pewresearch.org

Print media is 1/3 of the total audience influenceprint.com

3 – Brain friendly


With print, your audience can touch, feel, respond, and hold onto your offer, promotion, or event reminder.

4 – Builds trust

With viral ads, spam, and privacy concerns, print ads aren’t part of the digital wilderness where a harmless looking ad can end up infecting your laptop.

Also, the numbers speak for themselves:

59% of customers don’t trust most ads seen online and 71% don’t even pay attention to online ads msp-pgh.com

5 – Targeted and Efficient


Print marketing is great for reaching customers within your location if you run a small business that relies on foot traffic. 

Think restaurants, gas stations, or dry-cleaning shops.

Print ads are especially useful for retail businesses with an active storefront and give potential customers a physical object to bring into your store when they need one of your products or services.

A postcard or flyer for example, creates a physical and mental connection to start a conversation as new customers as walking in.

Also consider this:

79% of people act on direct mail ads vs. 45% for email ads (cmocouncil.org)

5 Types of Print Marketing & Ways You Can Use Them

1 – Flyers

-Can be used for a variety of settings like direct mail, handouts or inserts

-Be sure to include a discount code, punched tab, or custom QR code that links to a specific web page

Our Automotive Direct Mail Solutions

2 – Postcards

-Have the features of greeting cards with immediate impact

-Focus the attention on a single point of interest

-Convenient size to hold onto or place on a high traffic place in the home like the refrigerator, living room table, or home office desk


3 – Magazines, brochures, catalogs

-Demand a reader’s complete attention and for longer periods of time

-Are longer term investments because they don’t need to be updated as often

-If they look great, they can turn into a long-term fixture on a coffee table or bookshelf.


4 – Posters

-Unlike the others aren’t meant for customer to keep

-Placed in the right spot around an area of interest, can be a constant reminder of who you are and what you do

5 – Cards and Inserts

-Best for simple messages

-Need immediate punch to work

-Because of their smaller size, are more likely to be picked up and held by larger items

-Place these between the pages of a magazine to grab a reader’s attention and focus on your message

Mix and Match Print and Digital to Your Advantage

QR Codes

-Around since 1994 when first designed for Japan’s automotive industry

Use a Flyer or Postcard to Direct People to Your Website or Store


-Break up online traffic jams online and use a flyer or postcard to focus your future customers’ attention to your web address, phone number, or directions to your store


-Use links to custom URLs that can analyze traffic from a leaflet or brochure to a specific web page you want your customers to visit

-If you don’t have a lot of print real estate, think about using a QR code!

You Can Be Creative and About Business

Being a business owner in the digital age doesn’t mean digital is the only answer to advertising your services. 

Know when to move in the opposite direction of the crowd to attract the crowd you want.

But it’s not the only way to get in front of the types of people you want to turn into your customers. It’s important to find your own mix and combination of print and digital to get the best from both worlds.

It doesn’t pay to be cookie cutter – so don’t be when you market your business.



Learn About Conceptual Minds

At Conceptual Minds, our team helps automotive businesses get the most from their marketing dollars with tried and tested methods backed up by regular testing and research.

We equip our clients with the tools and knowledge to eliminate the guesswork from their marketing efforts and get top ROI through our tailored services.

Ready to grow your auto repair business with print marketing?

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