Why Does My Auto Repair Shop Need Local SEO?

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An auto repair shop needs local SEO because its core customer base is from a local geographic area. By ranking at the top of local search results, you increase the likelihood that someone searching for auto repair will call you for service.


As an auto repair shop, the entirety of your business comes from consumers looking for vehicle auto repair services in the local area. Having a local SEO strategy is a crucial part of your marketing strategy, and Forbes agrees, because it’s how you become more visible to your local community online.


86% of people find local services online

US Chamber of Commerce 2024


What Is Local SEO for Auto Repair?

Local SEO is a dedicated search engine optimization strategy that targets local search queries. These could include searches for a particular service, such as “auto repair”. Or it could be searches for a business, such as “auto repair shop near me”. It can also be for a company they can immediately visit, such as “auto repair shop open now.”

By focusing on local SEO efforts, you can help your auto repair shop appear higher in these local search queries. Local SEO typically includes optimizing your business listings and profiles online too, targeting popular local search queries, and producing locally relevant content.


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How to Develop Auto Repair Shop Local SEO

To create a local SEO strategy for your auto repair shop, focus on the three main factors that determine ranking in Google local search. Relevance, distance, and prominence are crucial for your auto repair shop’s strong SEO performance.

Your shop’s presence online and SEO efforts are only as strong as your content: Check your images, messaging, profiles, listings, reviews, and website. Great local SEO starts there.



What does it mean to be relevant to Google?

Relevancy is how well your auto repair shop’s Google Business Profile relates to the searcher’s query. Don’t keyword stuff your business profile. However, tailor it to communicate your auto repair shop’s services clearly.



How does distance factor in with Google?

The closer your business is to the user searching, the better your business will perform. Ensure your auto repair shop’s location is accurately reflected on your business profile and Google Maps.


How does Google define prominence?

Finally, focus on building prominence for your auto repair shop within the local community. You can do this by gaining backlinks to your website, increasing customer reviews, and getting mentions of your auto repair shop in prominent local publications.


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