When Holiday Shopping Causes Business Owners To Question Humanity: A GIF Narrative

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For those leading a team of employees in any consumer-facing business (especially retail) this holiday shopping season, we wish you lots of cheer and extra patience with customers who are trying to find the perfect gift for their special someones.

We also hope you make it out with your full sanity. They say laughter’s the best medicine, so we hope these GIFs brighten your day (and help you make it to Jan. 1)!

Retail During The Holiday Shopping Season

We know you put your best foot forward and started this month off with as much holiday spirit as you could muster, and the joy felt real. You sang along to the carols on the radio and smiled so much that your employees asked you if you felt well.


The cheer was reciprocated by the loyal customers who came through your doors. They’re coming in much more frequently as opposed to last year’s early holiday season because of that stellar marketing strategy you’re running through Conceptual Minds. These are hot leads, and they’re ready to buy. You could practically smell the holiday giving spirit on them!


Decorating the store, no matter how tedious the task, became your favorite part of being at work. “It’s all for the joy of my lovely customers,” you told yourself.


You even gave the Christmas headband thing a go.


One day, you noticed customers weren’t smiling back at you as often. Your attempts at cheery holiday small-talk were met with grunts and groanings about the pains of shopping in the busiest time of the year. American materialism is the modern-day Scrooge, and a mini existential crisis knocks gently on the door of your mind.


December trudges on and Christmas draws near. You look around to find the reciprocal joy in your customers and loyal team, but with no luck. The “Christmas cheer” really starts to feel scarce. Gingerbread lattes are like ash in your mouth and your feet and back are extra ache-y  from the long hours. Mariah’s chirping on the overhead speakers just doesn’t inspire you anymore, so you tune her out.







Then it happens. Customers start to show their true colors. They’re getting more impatient with register lines with each passing day.


They mess up your gorgeous and well thought-out product displays.


Customers are spilling into the store all day now. There’s little downtime from the crowds and your once smiling employees start avoiding eye contact when you ask how they’re holding up.


There is no end to the madness.


So you do the best you can, praying for close-of-business to come quickly. You stop chiding yourself for thoughts about starting a small fire that would close the shop down until after the holiday.


But you just repainted the front desk area, so that’s a no-go. You start to consider other means of ahem, holiday shopping problem-solving.


But then you check the financials and realize that all of this grueling work for customers is paying off! Numbers are up from last year’s holiday season. No need to fret — this will all be over soon and the money’s pouring in!












Amazing how quickly a perspective can change, you tell yourself. Reinvigorated by visions of dollar signs dancing in your head, you give your team a good, ol’ fashioned pre-Christmas Eve pep talk.


Congrats! You’ve made it to Christmas Eve closing time, and you get to send your team home early and prep for a customer-free Christmas Day. Your business survived another tumultuous holiday shopping season, and you are rolling in the dough. Your holiday is joyous once again!


Now, to just get mentally prepared for that Presidents Day sale …

Holiday shopping woes for business owners unfortunately don't end with the close of December. There's always Presidents Day right around the corner ....


Are you dreaming of a tailored marketing strategy that drives measurable results for your business, not only during busy times like the holidays but also throughout the rest of the year? Then you’ve come to the right place. Send us a message today to get the conversation going!

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