What Is Podium? The No-Brainer Tool for Building Your Business through Reviews

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What Is Podium?



What Is Podium?

Online reviews. It can feel like a losing battle sometimes, can’t it?

Are you noticing your competitors are getting more Google reviews than you are, or showing a higher star rating?

Trying to build (and maintain) your online reputation by getting more reviews is like trying to push a boulder up a mountain while carrying a 20-pound weight! You barely have enough time to run your business effectively and efficiently, let alone solicit reviews in a timely manner. The vicious cycle of working harder but getting fewer reviews is an all-too-common scenario for a lot of business owners.


This matters because good online reputation can be worth 6% in annual revenues on average (if not more).


This is why you simply can’t afford to ignore your online reputation or work on it in a less consistent manner.

Enter Podium. An automated, review solicitation and management platform that has been helping businesses increase review volume on Google, Facebook, etc. by an average of 500% each month!

In short, Podium makes your life as a busy business owner easier by helping you get reviews where reviews matter most: Google and Facebook, and by giving you more control over the customer interactions coming in hot from multiple channels.

Because almost every consumer-facing company in business today has to care about their online reputation (that, or they should care), Podium has stepped in and solved a few big problems that have been plaguing business owners who have wanted to step up their review game but aren’t getting the review numbers and quality they desire.


What Is Podium? What is Podium? How Does Podium Work?

Podium helps you get more reviews and raise your star rating on the platforms where people see your brand when they’re searching for your services no more being an awesome company in “real life,” but looking like you don’t offer great customer service online because you only have a handful of Google reviews and half of them are from disgruntled customers.

These days, your online reputation IS “real life”, and you have to wrangle that bad boy to protect your ability to attract new customers.

But never fear … Podium’s here.

Podium takes down the obstacles to getting more and better reviews in the places that matter, in 2 ways:

1. Podium succeeds in getting your review invite in front of your customers. While we’re sure you rock at taking care of your customers, we doubt you’re able to stick a review reminder in their brain and then see them follow through with the request. No offense.

The truth is, people are busy and distracted, and most of your customers are forgetting to review you, no matter how wonderful you are to them.

What Is Podium?Here’s a couple of examples of what might be happening if you are soliciting reviews in the following manner:

  • In-Person: Are you asking your customers to review you when they’re in front of you, or are you handing them a flyer that solicits reviews? Chances are they’ll forget as soon as they walk out the door, even if you did pay that over-priced print place to produce them on the GOOD paper!
  • Email: Are you sending an email to solicit their review of your business? Chances are, 82 percent of your customers aren’t even opening that email. Why? Because average open rates for an email today is about 18% or less! So how are you supposed to get reviews, then?[1]
  • Social Media: Posting a review request on social media? Bad place and time. You want your review invites to get in front of your customer, not your Facebook audience of customers and non-customers (especially if the response is going to be negative).
  • Breaking & Entering: Are you hacking into your customers’ Google accounts to write reviews of your business through them? (Obviously, we’re just kidding! Please don’t do that!)

Point is, requesting reviews from customers by using the above-listed methods is likely a losing battle. It can cost you time, money and effort and doesn’t result in the reviews you need to win people over online.

Podium is likely connected with your customer management / point-of-sale system and at the end of customer transactions, it automatically sends out review invites via text message, which has greater open rate than any other form of digital communication: 98 percent!

Not to mention, text messages are opened within three minutes of receipt.[2]

What Is Podium? Podium Integrations 

Podium’s integration with your customer management system is critical because it enables automation. (Integration is like connecting the digital pipes of Podium to your system.)

Automation is one of the ways Podium makes your life easier because, after a one-time setup, review invites go out every day like clockwork, saving you labor hours and sparing you and your team to do things that help your business, like serving customers. Podium lets you worry about running your business while it works to get more reviews and builds your brand online, as well as your rank in local search.

This is especially valuable cost-savings if you run a multi-location business because it will save your staff a number of hours every week.

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What Is Podium?2. Podium’s single sign-on for Google eliminates the barrier of password login problems for your customers to successfully review you.

Let’s go back to the 16 percent of customers that do open your review solicitation email. Or the small handful of responsible people who didn’t lose your printed flyer in their car.

To write your review, they likely have to manually log into their Facebook or Google account, that login could be an obstacle to you getting a review. How many people do you think are going to stop what they’re doing to log in? And if they can’t remember their password, good luck.

Point is, when your customers do get your review request, you don’t want them to have to manually log in – otherwise, it takes too long and they give up.

Podium has mastered the single sign-on, another example of how it’s making the review process a lot easier for consumers by taking out the negative things of the process. With Podium’s single sign-on, customers don’t have to manually sign on if they are already logged into their Google or Facebook app on their phone. They go from a text message link straight to a screen where they can leave a review. The job is done in seconds.

Easier and faster – that’s the Podium way, and we imagine that you’d prefer it be YOUR way, too!

The Value of Podium: Time And Energy Saved

Podium does a lot of things well, but the real home run it offers is how much time and energy it saves you because you won’t have to hunt down customers to review you.

So, what is Podium? It’s every business owner’s BFF, because it gives them back things they’re usually short on: Time and energy.

But did you know that when it comes to managing your online reviews, you’re either adding money or losing money? You lose 6 percent of money when you have fallen behind your competition in review volume and star rating.

What Is Podium?


So, act today! Sign up and start collecting new reviews at high volume – literally the next day.

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[1] Source: Podium

[2] Source: Campaign Monitor


What is Podium?

How does Podium work?

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