What Is Mass Media Marketing for Auto Repair Shops?

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There’s marketing. Then, there’s mass media marketing. Is your auto repair shop tapping into the brand-boosting power of mass media marketing?

If you’re not, keep reading. Today, we’re unveiling the best strategies for mass media marketing success. And we’ll show you why your tire and auto repair shop needs this advertising method to be successful in your local market.

What Is Mass Media Marketing?

It’s called mass media marketing because it’s a strategy for reaching a large audience instead of one targeted group. The “mass” implies the broad distribution of a message with the intention of reach the most people possible. And while we’re often advising our auto repair clients to focus on their “target” customers, there is a place for mass media marketing, too. In fact, it’s a game-changer when you’re able to strategize and execute effectively on a mass scale.

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Why Your Auto Repair Shop Needs It

Because your car care customers are geographically within your local market, mass media marketing efforts can help you reach more of them locally with a single campaign. Reach them at home, in their cars, and on the go with mass media. And your auto repair shop needs this kind of reach for a number of reasons.

Improved reach, frequency, and exposure

Mass media marketing allows your tire and auto shop to reach more local residents, boosting your exposure within your community. It also works for improving frequency, or the number of times a potential car care customer sees your brand or message. And considering the average person needs to encounter a marketing message at least seven times before converting, mass media’s frequency can be a needle-mover in a big way.

Ability to target local audiences

You’re not concerned about potential customers in other states or regions. And mass media marketing allows you to target your backyard specifically with a megaphone, so to speak.

Build brand awareness locally

Using mass media marketing channels is a great way to boost visibility of your auto repair shop and build brand awareness. Customers won’t bring their cars to you if they don’t know you’re available. So, tap into the broad messaging power of brand exposure to stay top of mind.

Establish credibility

In your business, credibility is EVERYTHING. Use mass media to broadcast incredible customer experiences and announce new locations. When consumers see you’re still advertising, they automatically presume you’re running a good business and continue to be a dominant choice for repair in the community.

Check Out This Winning Video Campaign


Various Mass Marketing Media Channels to Consider

Now that you recognize what mass media marketing is and why your auto repair shop needs it, you can consider various media channels to share your ads and messaging.


Cable Television

Local and regional television advertising is a great way to get the word out about unique offers and auto repair shop differentiators. But bring pinpoint precision to your TV ads with Cable TV that allows you to purchase audiences based on coverage zones.

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Internet Radio

Hit the commuter customers you’re trying to reach with memorable radio commercials in the morning and afternoon. And don’t overlook the ad targeting potential of Internet Radio. Tap into the local Spotify and Pandora listening audiences by zip code and consumer buying preferences. These mass media marketing efforts can be far more effective and guarantee listenership.


Print Marketing

Deliver tangible offers and visuals right to their mailboxes with in-hand print marketing materials, postcard mailers, and value-added offers.

Outdoor Advertising

Make a visual impression on motorists with well-placed billboards or Out Of Home (OOH) ads in high-traffic areas throughout your market.

OTT Video

The world has gone digital and on-demand with app-based entertainment. Apps like Apple TV, Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube TV deliver streaming movies and programming whenever (and wherever) consumers want to watch. This “Over the Top” or OTT Video messaging is entirely determined to suit the individual viewer. And it’s also an opportunity for auto repair shops to advertise with targeted messaging across channels that select customers use. While executing OTT Video campaigns requires more coordination to select audiences and programming, and can be more expensive to pay for upfront, it’s definitely more cost effective in the long run.


Programmatic Video

Video marketing isn’t just for television. Get creative with ads using Programmatic Video channels, including YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. Advertisers can tap into the local viewership by focusing on local consumer preferences and behaviors. The data can guide your campaigns to make sure you’re sharing the right message with your core car care customers in your market.


How to Craft Compelling Mass Marketing Strategies

When creating your ad messages and developing your unique offers, consider these tips. If your message is tone-deaf or not appealing enough, your ads won’t be as effective. So, be mindful of these considerations and craft compelling offers that stick!


Know your target audience

Recognize and speak to your intended target audience. Even though your mass media message will be seen by the masses, the message within the ad must speak to a specific customer. Use your demographic profiles to help, including gender, job/career, and pain points.

Craft testimonial videos featuring auto repair shop customers to share on YouTube and your website.


Make your offer high value

Choose a singular offer with your mass media messaging and make it high value. A few bucks off isn’t going to persuade anyone new to come into your shop. Instead, think revolutionary offers and free services to add that make coming to your repair locations more advantageous for new customers.


Use stunning visuals

Whether you’re putting together ads for television or need static images for a billboard, make the visual aspects of your ads STUNNING. Be smart about logo placement and color choices that appeal to your audiences and showcase your brand effectively. If it’s pretty, sharp, witty, or unique, it’s going to get noticed.

Choose the right channels

You don’t have to be in all places all the time. Instead, be precise about selecting the mass marketing media channels that make the most sense to your goals. If you’re targeting career-minded commuters, for example, radio and billboard are great media outlets to use.

Timing matters

Make sure your ad placement and campaigns are seasonally on point. Don’t use video footage of your auto repair shop with snow on the roof during summer TV campaigns. Seasonal placement, days of the week airing, and times of the day are all relevant for TV and radio.

Show your connection to the community with mass media marketing that shares your charitable contributions and good deeds.


Integrate mass media marketing with your digital marketing

Don’t rely on mass media marketing exclusively. But tie your mass media campaigns to your online marketing and digital ad efforts.

Executing Mass Media Marketing Tips

When you’re ready to execute your auto repair shop’s mass media marketing campaigns, consider these additional tips and potential challenges.


Managing costs and budgets

Know your budgets and costs for ad campaigns across television, radio, OOH, and print. Choosing the most cost-effective channels is key. But again, it’s only a waste of money if it doesn’t work, right? Here are just a few of the traditional costs associated with mass media marketing.


Ad production expenses: The cost to produce a television or radio spot is usually a one-time fee. These can be anywhere from $200 to $20K, depending on the high-value production factor of your ad.


Setup production fees: OOH and print materials will also come with production price tags. Depending on your placement and designs, expect to invest anywhere from $300 to $10K in design setup.


Flight costs: In addition to production, mass media channels also associate costs with flight times and airtime schedules. You’ll pay more for a prime-time TV show placement than you will for a midday spot. OOH contracts typically span over several months with associated fees. These schedules can vary in investment from a few hundred per month to several thousand per month.

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Measuring advertising ROI

Whether you’re measuring views, reach, frequency, or impressions, know your metrics for each mass media channel you use. And do the math to know how many conversions you’ll need to recoup the initial investment. Be aware that television, radio, print, and OOH ads can all take time to build momentum and generate results. You’ll likely be able to shake a few low-hanging-fruit customers with each ad. But it takes a commitment over a period of months to see more long-term results.


Adapting to consumer shifts

Customer behaviors change all the time, as do media trends. Be mindful of both when putting together your tire and auto shop’s mass media strategy. It’s never a one-and-done effort and will always require monitoring. Use your ROI and data to inform how you make changes to your ads, campaign messages, and overall strategy.


Conceptual Minds Can Develop a Winning Mass Marketing Strategy for You

Start leveraging the power of mass media marketing for your auto repair shop with these insights. And remember, our Marketing Coaches are here to help with mass media expertise. We can help you develop a successful and winning strategy to use mass media marketing to your advantage and significantly increase your car counts! Contact our team to learn how to get started, and let us help you take your business to the next level!

Learn About Conceptual Minds

As veterans of the automotive industry, the Conceptual Minds team are experts at growing car counts through effective and personable marketing. If you are unsure of your current marketing strategy and would like some guidance, contact us today.

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