What Can Your Auto Repair Shop Learn from a Website Audit?

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As you take the time to evaluate your auto repair shop marketing results for 2023 and develop a plan for 2024, you’ll want to pay special attention to your website. Look to see how well your shop’s website worked for you in terms of engaging potential customers, bringing in new leads, generating appointments, and showcasing your brand.

A website audit is great for evaluating the effectiveness of your website. It is likely to highlight the areas of your website that need improvement in order to make your website into a customer acquisition magnet. Today’s tire and auto shop websites should be like your best salespeople who do a good job of connecting with the visitor, quickly answering their questions, tackling their potential concerns/objections, and working hard to convert those prospects into paying customers.

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What Is a Website Audit?

The website audit is a process that involves collecting and analyzing data from your tire and auto shop’s website. Using software tools, like SEO Site Checkup, Semrush, Moz Pro, or Google Search Console, you can create reports that outline every detail about your website’s performance and effectiveness, including:

  • Off-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies
  • On-site SEO strategies
  • Content effectiveness or associated gaps
  • User experience
  • Navigation metrics
  • Conversion rates
  • Search Engine Ranking Position (SERPs)

You can use these insights to make meaningful improvements to your website and elevate your marketing efforts.

Ahrefs (one of the leaders in SEO) shared some mind-blowing stats about website engagement trends and why website performance matters.

  • 55% of all online content goes undiscovered by Google, getting NO traffic from searches.
  • 94% of all pages get between just one and ten monthly website visits.

A website audit of your shop’s online presence can help you identify what pages are getting traffic to them and offer recommendations on how to generate greater visibility for your web pages.

Remember, more than 97% of consumers conduct their services searches online before calling or scheduling, as WebFX outlines. If they can’t find your website or can’t easily navigate it, they’re doing business with someone else. Google reports that 40% of auto service shoppers need service or maintenance “right now,” and as such, they’re ready to schedule an appointment the moment they begin their search.

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Find Opportunities for Content & SEO Tag Optimization

A website audit can precisely point to certain aspects of your auto repair shop’s website content that require optimization. Interestingly, these changes aren’t always major website overhauls or complete redesigns. Often, they’re minor content tweaks and page revisions that make all the difference. Examples of these changes include:

  • Optimized keyword usage
  • Up-to-date and relevant linking strategies
  • Improved metadata
  • On-page SEO

Content optimization isn’t just about improving traffic and visibility to your site. Although it directly impacts how customers in your backyard find your auto shop online, it is also used to improve conversion rates – meaning, more car counts and money in the bank for your business!

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Identify Website Architecture & Performance Issues

Conducting a website audit can also help you identify performance and architecture issues that are likely to cause loss of traffic and conversions. Much like content optimization, fixing website mistakes may not always mean complete site makeovers. Just like a good employee or salesperson needs ongoing attention to flourish, a website should be given ongoing attention as well. Areas that often need ongoing attention include:

  • Mobile friendliness of a site
  • Broken links that used to work but now result in error messages
  • Slow-loading pages
  • Duplicate content

These types of issues may seem trivial, but they can play a meaningful role in customer acquisition and/or retention.

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Check Your Auto Repair Shop’s Website Conversion Rates

So, your local community can go online and find you. But are they booking their auto repair appointments with you? Your website audit can also help identify what percentage of your website visitors actually create an online appointment through the website.

For comparison, here are some average conversion rates:

  • The global average website conversion rate in 2023 is 3.68%.
  • The average conversion rate for a retail website is between 5% and 3.0%.

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If your website isn’t meeting these benchmarks, then it may be time to further optimize your website. This can include:

  • Adding real-time appointment creation capabilities.
  • Answering common questions about your frequent services.
  • Updating stock imagery with custom imagery of your shop(s) and employee(s) to create a better connection with the visitor.
  • Highlight how your business differs from area competition.
  • Provide pricing for menu services.
  • Offer chat or text support.
  • Create a good balance between white space and content.
  • Provide value-added content to show your expertise.

All the above are likely to create more opportunities for your website visitors to say “yes” to your auto shop and convert into paying customers.

Don’t fumble your way through 2024 with a less-than-effective website for your auto repair shop. It’s time to get one of your most important marketing vehicles to work harder for you.

The marketing coaches at Conceptual Minds are here to help with a website audit! If needed, we’ll help you identify the effectiveness of your website by leveraging data and help transform your current site into a revenue-generating powerhouse.

Learn About Conceptual Minds

As veterans of the automotive industry, the Conceptual Minds team are experts at growing car counts through effective and personable marketing. If you are unsure of your current marketing strategy and would like some guidance, contact us today at 877.524.7696.

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