Quality Website Traffic: Why is my website not getting much of it?

Auto shop business website traffic

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web-trafficSo you’ve built and designed your website, this great content yet no visitors. You ask yourself, ‘Hmmm, where is everyone?’ The could number of reasons why your website isn’t the traffic you expected or desired.

Is your website optimized for search engines?
If people can’t find your website in search engine results, your website will have at tough time gaining new organic traffic. This is why SEO is a crucial part of a websites success. You need to ensure that your website has right SEO tags, good structure, proper keyword and semantic integration and mobile friendly in order have chance to rank highly in search results.

Is your website open to search engines?
While building new sites, many designers block these sites from accessed by search engines spiders. However, when their sites actually taken live, sometimes the site designer can forget to “unblock” the site from search engine. This can prevent your website from getting indexed. So, make sure to check that your site is open to search engines.

Are you being social?
Do you have Facebook page? Twitter account? LinkedIn? Reddit? Are FREE accounts and other ways to exposure. You need to funnel traffic from these sites to your website. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management are effective when paired together.

Is your website visually appealing?
First impressions are everything and at professional website design creates appeal, are good impression and trust. Look your homepage and ask yourself, their following questions – Does look professional? Does it load slow? It simple to navigates? At built with target demographic in mind? Are important questions when considering, the visual appeal and user experience of your website.

Are you exposing your site to public?
Make sure you spread the word, about your website. Consider: Blogging on regular basis Link Building Consider paid campaigns on Google, and through social platforms In this digital age, having strong online presence, as increasingly essential for companies. To prosper important to practice and maintain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

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