The Website Conversion Rate Challenge

Virginia Center For Reproductive Medicine (VCRM) is a fertility clinic located in Northern Virginia. This boutique clinic treats women and men with fertility challenges and helps them achieve the goal of starting and/or expanding their family.

The clinic advertises its services through a variety of marketing channels including digital. Specifically, VCRM brings attention to its successful practice through pay-per-click campaigns and its informational website. However, the practice had a very low website conversion rate and thus was not receiving many online leads through these efforts.

VCRM partnered with Conceptual Minds to help improve their website conversion rate without undertaking major changes to its current website.

The Solution

Conceptual Minds investigated the challenge, conducted Google Analytics analysis, conducted basic persona development and identified the need for several website changes. In order to improve website conversion rates, our team determined that the site needed additional landing pages, better informational structure as well as improved internal linking, credibility development and improved call to actions.

The Results

Thanks to implementation of the proposed changes, VCRM is enjoyed some outstanding results between 2014 and 2015. These results included:

Thanks to implementation of the proposed changes, VCRM is enjoying some outstanding results year over year.

Improved Conversion: 650% Increase in Online Conversions

Better User Engagement: 25% Improvement in Total Page Views

Improved Retention: 3% Increase in Repeat Visitors

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