Ultimate Guide: How Auto Shops Can Get More Reviews in 2024

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We need to get real about review management as part of your auto repair shop marketing plan. As marketing coaches for the tire and auto repair industry, we see so many missed opportunities about customer reviews. It’s not that you don’t recognize its importance. You likely agree that securing and promoting positive customer experiences is an essential aspect of your auto shop marketing and operations. But there are complex layers of reputation management that aren’t always top of mind for auto repair shop owners and marketers. And reputation management can be a make-or-break resource for auto repair shops.

Today, we’re going to demystify reputation management and shed light on how you can get more online reviews for your auto repair shop in 2024. This is the ultimate guide you need to see with definitions, tools, best practices, and actionable advice to make 2024 your five-star year of growth. THIS is how you pave a path for growth in car counts and repeat business this year.

Why Reputation Management Is So Important for Auto Repair in 2024

Today’s consumers are making their purchasing decisions based on reviews and sentiments of others. Nearly half of all internet users are posting online reviews every month. The year-end stats are in, and Exploding Topics shares the breakdown of just how prevalent online reviews are for companies.

  • 93% of consumers say other online reviews impact their purchasing decisions.
  • 81% of consumers are using Google to evaluate local businesses.
  • 26,830 Yelp reviews are posted every minute.
  • 75% of businesses don’t respond to negative reviews.

As an auto repair shop owner or marketer, you should also hear this trend – consumers are 1.5X more likely to be motivated to make a decision by a review than they are by a discount offer, according to BizRate Insights. In an industry practically defined by discounts and coupon methods for improving car counts, it’s the online reviews and proper reputation management that make a greater impact.


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Image by Gabrielle Papalia from Pixabay - auto shop customer


Here’s why you should take an active approach to secure and manage your tire and auto shop’s reviews:

  • Build Credibility and Trust: The auto repair industry already struggles with building trust and credibility among potential customers. Online reviews can rewrite your brand’s local reputation in a positive way, breaking down common stigmas about dishonest repair shops.
  • Enhance Local SEO: The more people talking positively about your tire and auto shop in your area, the more Google’s algorithms will pick up on those correlations – helping to boost your local SEO and online findability.
  • Provide Insightful Feedback: Reviews are great for insights into your customer service efforts, highlighting what your teams are doing well and finding areas for improvement.
  • Influence Others’ Purchasing Decisions: Every five-star review serves as an endorsement of your shop for any other online visitors who may need auto repair service.
  • Create Marketable Assets: Building libraries of online reviews can also provide you with marketable assets of testimonials across all other marketing channels.
  • Increase Web Traffic: Online customer experiences will inspire others to visit your website and learn more about your shop.
  • Retain Past Customers: Responding to demonstrates your gratitude and inspires repeat business.
  • Address Customer Service Gaps: Responding to negative reviews or customer concerns allows you to fix customer service gaps and demonstrate publicly that you care about improving customer experiences.
  • Encourage Brand Engagement: Asking customers to leave reviews encourages more online engagement, reinforcing your brand and encouraging positive interactions.

Popular Review Channels to Monitor and Manage

Another BizRate Insights stat says 50% of online consumers trust third-party review sites MORE than reviews and testimonials posted to a brand’s own site. So, posting some rave, five-star one-liners on your website isn’t going to move the needle. This means you’ll need to develop a reputation management strategy that includes third-party review sites.

google my business

Google Business Profile

The most popular review platform is Google. Google Reviews are trusted by customers and the algorithms. Reviews posted here will directly impact your clickthrough rates, web traffic, and local SEO.  

To-Do: Claim your Google My Business profile and update it by providing a description and adding auto repair shop-related categories. Share the link to your Google Reviews directly with shop customers.

yelp for business


Another wildly popular third-party review platform is Yelp. Here, consumers share their experiences with all types of industry brands, including automotive reviews. Find out if you have any Yelp reviews with a quick search of your tire and auto shop.

To-Do: Claim your business listing if it’s listed or “add now” to create a Yelp profile for your repair shop. Once you’re verified, you can begin responding to reviews and sharing the link directly when asking for customer feedback.

facebook review

Facebook Recommendations

Of all the social media platforms, Facebook tends to be one of the most used communities among consumers who are looking for business recommendations. Having a business profile for your auto shop will allow you to engage with your shop followers and join local community groups.

To-Do: Create a few posting campaigns that encourage customers to “check-in” when they’re at your shop and leave platform reviews about their experiences. You can also send review invitations, sharing the link that connects with your business profile page.


Better Business Bureau

Claim your auto repair shop’s profile or create one in the BBB directory. Customers will often go straight to the consumer watchdog’s site for recommendations or warnings about local auto repair businesses.

To-Do: While BBB accreditation isn’t a requirement, it can help with building the trust of consumers in your backyard. Start managing your shop’s listing with the BBB and promote reviews there as added credibility.

repair pal


More specific to the automotive industry, RepairPal is another third-party platform worth adding to your reputation management strategy. Thousands of consumers turn to RepairPal for guidance with their vehicles and locating nearby services. If you’re not listed there, they won’t be finding you.

To-Do: Consider becoming part of the RepairPal Certified community of auto repair shops. For many who actively manage these profiles, landing new clients, increasing retention, and building local trust are all key advantages.

Photo by Antoni Shkraba: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-a-woman-holding-a-car-key-7144213/

Methods for Generating More Online Positive Reviews

Now that you understand the why and what of online review management, it’s time to dive into the how. Put rubber to the road with these methods and strategies for improving your auto repair shop’s reviews and collecting more of them.

Ask for Reviews Actively

Start asking for customer feedback and reviews at every customer touchpoint, including online, printed on physical customer receipts, and via email campaigns.

As one of the most effective customer communications tools, sending text messages within 24 hours of service and asking for feedback and reviews about your service drives more engagement. We partner with Podium and can offer cost-saving SMS solutions to make these post-service communications a breeze. It’s a lead-conversion software platform that works great for automotive review texts and integrates seamlessly with tools you already have in place.

Make Reviews Easy

Provide links to all your review platforms and make leaving a review for your tire and auto shop easy and convenient.

Respond to Every Review

Your reputation management should include a dedicated person responsible for responding to every review – good or bad. This demonstrates active listening and tells reviewers and online visitors that you care about the customer experience.

Authentic Responses

Acknowledge mistakes whenever necessary to show the human side of your business and respond authentically with empathy, addressing customer satisfaction issues (and solving them) publicly.

Let Conceptual Minds Be Your Guide to Landing More Reviews in 2024

Securing more positive online reviews and reputation management for our auto repair shop clients are what we do best. We can supercharge your review collection by as much as 500%, too. When you’re ready to beef up your Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and Yelp reviews, let our marketing coaches be your guide! Schedule your consultation today, and let’s make 2024 your five-star year of excellent reviews and 2X-3X business because of it!

Learn About Conceptual Minds

As veterans of the automotive industry, the Conceptual Minds team are experts at growing car counts through effective and personable marketing. If you are unsure of your current marketing strategy and would like some guidance, contact our marketing coaches today.

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