Types of Online Advertising: Display Ads vs. Search Ads

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Don't let different types of online advertising intimidate you from checking out how they could improve your bottom line in both new customer recruiting and customer retention.

It’s not unusual for auto shop owners to get confused about digital advertising, given that multiple types of online advertising exist and require in-depth knowledge of how they work to correctly leverage them. (And let’s face it — we don’t ask auto shop owners to be digital advertising experts like we don’t expect digital ad experts to know how to rebuild a transmission.)

While search advertising and display advertising are both forms of digital ads, they have some stark differences in function: who they targeted, where they are seen online, how they fit into the buying cycle of your customers and what they can accomplish for your marketing strategy.

Check out our digital advertising partner ReachLocal’s video about the difference between these two powerful types of online advertising:

More About The Function of Display Ads and Search Ads

So, do you see the difference now? Display ads and search ads work together to drive brand awareness, increase consumer interest and finally get potential customers to make their first purchase with you; they also have a significant role to play in customer retention.

What’s more, prospects who encounter your display ads for the first time are likely going to search for your shop name to learn more about what you offer. Those who already recognize your name because of the display ads you’ve been running will likely search for you when they’re ready for that next repair job.

The opportunity to bolster a marketing strategy using digital ads is great!

Prospects who see your display ads for the first time may be more likely to search for your shop and learn more about you, while those who are already familiar with your business will be reminded of you when they are ready to buy.

If you’d like help learning more types of online advertising and how they can directly help your auto shop’s unique marketing needs, give us a shout-out!


Click here to contact us! Types of online advertising differ in function but don't have to be a source of stress. Let us help you strategize which to use and when.


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