Top 5 Super Bowl Ads of the Last 5 Years

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Given that the Super Bowl is the pinnacle of TV advertising, we’ve listed the Top 5 Super Bowl Ads of the last five years for your enjoyment.

1. Puppy Love (Budweiser)

2. Sequel to Puppy Love (Budweiser)

3. Esurance

4. Born the Hard Way (Budweiser)

5. Doritos Blaze v. Mountain Dew Ice (PepsiCo)


Of course, these picks are based on the commercials that have previously gotten the most TV views and social media shares up until now (according to AdWeek).

Now, this Chrysler commercial came out more than 5 years ago, but we believe it deserves a mention if you’re going to talk about videos that hit home.


Superbowl LIII has come and gone, and the commercials it came with may give these Top 5 a run for their money. Although, The Dude and Stella Artois have their work cut out for them, as they’re up against some pretty cute puppies.

Animals or Children = Winning TV Strategy

If you look at the most popular TV commercials of all time, you’ll see that cute animals and children tug on America’s heartstrings like nothing else.

Advertisers use this to get viewers’ attention and send actionable messages. The end result? A commercial that sticks in people’s memories and helps them remember a brand when it’s time to buy beer, insurance, or any other product.

Conceptual Minds’ Team Practices What It Preaches

We’ve used this same principle to create effective TV commercials for our automotive repair client, Wiygul Automotive Clinic. Take a look:

Conceptual Minds is a full-service marketing firm that helps tire and auto repair businesses run smart marketing campaigns that bring measurable results, all with award-winning work and boutique-style service. If you’d like a TV commercial that gets the attention of your target audience and generates a positive ROI, drop us a line for a no-obligation consultation!


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