Tire Price Increases: How To Profit From Them Today?

auto shop make more money in tire price increase

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Tire price increases give auto shop owners the chance to tell customers about saving cash before prices are hiked up, building consumer trust in their brand and likely improving their tire sales at the same time.

Tire price increases continue to be a theme, thanks to the growing cost of raw materials, shipping and transportation, and good old inflation. While this is a regular occurrence in the tire industry, it’s never fun to ask your loyal customers to pay more for something that they buy out of necessity.

While auto shop owners can’t get around eventually charging their customers more for tires, the good news is that imminent tire price increases present two major opportunities:

  1. Help your customers save money by advising them to buy their preferred tires before the next price hike happens.
  1. Increase sales and improve customer relations for your shop.

 The first opportunity helps your customers see you as not only their go-to tire supplier, but also an in-the-know business that wants to help them save cash. The second opportunity is just an effect of the old adage that if you take care of your customers, the money will come.

There will always be tire offers, rebates and sales promotions; these are opportunities to show consumers who know they need new tires that they may as well buy from you before upcoming tire price increases to avoid the price hike and save some cash.

Even though holiday shoppers are setting aside money for gifts, alerting your customers to imminent tire price increases can mean that you save your loyal customers money and also increase your Q4 sales.

So, the compelling message to save money on tires should be easy for customers to understand. The question is, how will you get the word out?

Incentivizing Your Customers To Act Before Tire Price Increases

Start with your current marketing.

All marketing presents an opportunity to tell your community that they need to buy now to save money. Are you already posting on social media, emailing your customers about specials, or texting your loyal base about car care?

What about PPC (pay-per-click) ads on Google, Yahoo or Bing? Those messages can be customized for people who are actively searching for tires now. Create social media posts to inform your loyal followers. You can even update your radio or TV commercial to reflect the urgent message that customers should take advantage of prices that are lower for a short time.

This type of message can also be perfect for print ads!

Point is, wherever you are investing your marketing efforts and dollars, creatively explore how to leverage that platform to tell people why they should buy from you before the tire price increases.

(Don’t forget to only text customers who have granted you permission to send an SMS message to their cell phone.)

Outfit your store and harness your staff as ambassadors.

The right indoor and outdoor signage can really help this message take off with your customers. Because they’re already on property for auto service and maintenance:

-Advise your front desk staff to tell customers about coming tire price increases.
-Have a flyer ready that explains what tires you carry that will soon cost more (and how much they could save by buying before the new year).

Tire price increases are opportunities for auto shop owners to make money and alert customers to savings ahead of price hikes.

Make the customer the center of your message.

People will buy tires, regardless of the industry’s single-digit increases, because tires are a staple. Focus on helping people see that your business cares about them and their pocketbook.

Conceptual Minds has 10+ years experience in executing winning strategies that deliver remarkable ROI for our clients. Ready to improve your marketing? Talk to one of our experts today!

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