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We help tire & auto businesses become lean, mean profit making machines!

How our Auto Repair Shop Marketing Strategies will Supercharge Your Growth?

At Conceptual Minds, we have spent 12+ years evaluating data to help create digital and traditional auto repair shop marketing strategies that help achieve double digit long-term growth for our clients. We can do the same for your business!

A Conceptual Minds Strategy Will Upgrade Your Marketing and Help Your Business:
Generate more leads

and retain current customers with our systematic and scientific approach

Convert more calls

and web leads with a data-driven plan tailored to auto repair shop consumers

Maximize you marketing investment

with effective, ongoing performance monitoring and optimization methods

Find out the state of your marketing efforts and how our team can get you so much more!

Our Auto Repair Shop Marketing Strategy Solutions

When it comes to creating tire & auto repair shop marketing strategies with the best ROI, we’re confident that our team is your best option. With our first-hand knowledge and thorough research, our master marketers are known for helping our clients achieve the kind of growth they always wanted, but never thought was possible.

We offer a range of strategy solutions to best serve the diverse goals and needs of your auto service business.

Marketing Strategy:

Few shops enjoy consistent and sustainable year over year growth. Are you willing to separate yourself from the crowd and focus on all elements of your business necessary for such growth? We’ll help identify ways to make your business effective, efficient and leaner so you can highlight its value to your customers, prospects and employees.

Areas we cover:
Digital Strategy:

Auto service consumers are mainly using the internet for their research. We’ll help teach you the many ways your shop can now reach these consumers online and help you figure out the best ways grow revenues and car count.

Areas we cover:
Content Strategy:

Our team creates a content plan to help showcase your auto repair knowledge and expertise online. This strategy can help you stand out against the competition and begin building trust with your target customers. Overtime, this can be an important and significant way to generate new leads and customers.

Areas we cover:
Branding Strategy:

People love doing business with businesses that are cool and easy to connect with. And, let’s be honest – most tire & auto businesses look and speak the same language! Those who work hard to stand out – reap tremendous benefits over time! That’s why for us the biggest challenge and opportunity that continues to fuel our branding work is showcasing and/or creating this “fresh”, “cool” and “accessible” image for our clients. As your branding partner, our master marketers will help separate your business from the competition which is likely to help you command a higher price for your services instead of going on a downward race to low/zero profits.

Areas we cover:
High Growth Strategy:

Creating a winning high growth strategy is just like a puzzle where various strategies build upon each other. We’ll help you grow like other high performers by taking advantage of the right mix of tools, messaging and marketing strategies.

Areas we cover:

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Want a Roadmap to Equip Your Auto Shop for Double-Digit Growth?

Want a Roadmap to Equip Your Auto Shop for Double-Digit Growth?

Download our 100% free “Marketing Strategy Toolkit” for the (5) five steps you need to connect all of your marketing dots and achieve your business goals. If you’re looking to get one step closer to maximizing your marketing so it regularly brings more cars to your shop and fuels year over year growth, you’ll want to download this toolkit!

The Conceptual Minds Difference

We find that most consulting and marketing firms in the tire & auto service industries offer one or a few products. They work hard to sell you their products without regard for how they will fit in with your current marketing efforts. At Conceptual Minds, we take a high-level view of marketing to make sure all of your marketing efforts work together like a well-oiled and sweet-sounding machine. What’s the Payoff? Your entire business works with the same playbook and the strategies lead to significant growth!


We help implement the strategies we design, bringing it all together for our clients


We rely on experience, research, intuition, and data to create and execute marketing strategies


We build on what works for auto (other) industry leaders and our current or past clients


We create a custom strategy for every client based on their goals, resources, and needs

What our Tire & Auto Clients Say

  • Taran and his team do a great job at helping me look at our marketing at a high level. That insight has given us a much better idea of how to turn our marketing dollars into higher car counts and profits. With Conceptual Minds in our court, we make smarter decisions that don’t waste our time or money.
    Betsy Briggs, Owner
    ABS Unlimited Auto Repair
  • For the last 4 years, Taran and his team have helped us shift gears into hyper drive for all things marketing. When we needed a brand update to keep up with our customers and competition, we knew Conceptual Minds would get the job done. As always, they exceeded our expectations and helped transform it all from our logo to retail space to website - giving our customers the ultimate experience, above and beyond what most of our competitors could offer!
    Zack Wiygul, Owner
    Wiygul Automotive Clinic
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Tire & Auto Shop Marketing Strategy FAQs

Q: Why does my tire & auto repair shop need to invest in marketing strategy on top of our existing marketing efforts that already work really well to bring us lots of customers/profits?

A: For many of our tire & auto repair shop clients, we’ve found that the lack of a high-level strategy is often one of the biggest barriers to maximizing their marketing results. Think of your shop’s marketing investment like your vehicle’s fuel and emissions system. Just like every part in your vehicle’s system must work together for you to accelerate smoothly, the channels, campaigns, and content making up your marketing efforts must also work as one for your business to make big revenue/car count gains. Without an overarching strategy, your various marketing efforts operate in a vacuum, which means your channels may be in competition with one another, and likely working (and costing you) too much for the results you’re getting. Plus, keeping your channels in silos puts you at risk for sending out inconsistent messages about your business, which can leave your customers confused or even lose trust in you.

That’s why one of the first steps our master marketers take in designing your strategy is evaluating your current efforts. Together, we help your team assess what’s working well and what’s not, while also hunting for gaps and opportunities. By taking the time to collect and analyze this information, our team ensures that every recommendation we offer to maximize your marketing results is designed with your goals, services, industry, and customers in mind.

Q: Doesn’t Conceptual Minds already create a strategy for every marketing service you offer? How will investing in services that just cover strategy help my bottom line?

A: At Conceptual Minds, strategy is at the heart of everything we do across every marketing service we offer our clients. That said, creating a holistic strategy that assesses and guides all of your marketing efforts vs. just one area/channel takes many more factors, types of data, gaps, etc., into account. Think about it, a strategy created to guide your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns cannot replace one that’s built to maximize your combined digital marketing efforts (e.g., PPC, SEO, email marketing, etc.) As for your bottom line, working with our marketing strategy team has helped many of our tire & auto service clients achieve double digit growth.

Q: I see that Conceptual Minds offers several different types of marketing strategy services. Can you help me figure out which one would benefit my business the most?

A: Yes, absolutely! In fact, it’s a part of our standard process when we first start working with a client. Whether we’re helping develop your shop’s overall marketing strategy or partnering with you on any one service we provide – our team takes the time to get to know your business, including your goals, challenges, existing marketing efforts, plus your competitors and the consumers you’re going for. That information combined with our tire & auto service industry expertise and in-depth marketing knowledge allows us to only offer recommendations that are the best fit for your business and budget. We pride ourselves on being 100% up front with our clients, even if that means letting you know that our service(s) wouldn’t be a great fit for your business.

Q: What if I can’t afford to do everything recommended in the strategy that Conceptual Minds creates? Will you team help me choose what will get me the biggest results within my budget?

A: Great question! At Conceptual Minds, we see marketing as a puzzle where strategy pieces build on one another. With our master marketers as your strategy partner, we’ll take the time to find every opportunity/option that’s a good fit for your business. Our team will also offer recommendations on how/when each piece (strategy) should be used to help achieve the best possible marketing results for your business.

When it comes to next steps, it all depends on our clients. We let you dictate how fast you want each strategy to be put into place. In a nutshell, our tried and tested process can help your tire & auto business completely re-vamp your marketing investment and make you into a marketplace leader in 12-15 months. However, if you prefer to move at a slower pace or break up recommendations into smaller projects over a longer period of time, our team is completely okay with whatever pace works for your business/budget/team.

Q: How does pricing work for your strategy services? How much more will I need to pay for help with implementing the marketing efforts included in the strategy that Conceptual Minds creates?

A: Since our team creates custom strategies for each client, the amount of time and type of support we offer to each business varies a lot. As a result, our strategy services are billed on an hourly basis. That said, our master marketers work very hard to hit the ground running and understand the ins and outs of your business right away. As soon as we get a sense of your goals/needs/budget, we do our best to offer the most accurate gauge on the total hours/investment we’ll need to create your marketing strategy. One thing is for sure, if you’re like our other tire & auto shop clients, you’ll be recouping your marketing strategy investment and then some (think: double digit growth) in no time.

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