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You have seconds to make an impression with your logo. Make it count with design that stands out.

Why Your Tire & Auto Shop Shouldn’t Settle for Generic, Bland Logo Design?

When it comes to first impressions, your logo is often the first thing consumers sees and the last thing they remember. Whether you’re opening a new auto service business, looking to upgrade your shop’s identity after a change (e.g., new owner, merger) or need a refresh due to outdated branding, it all starts with a new logo. Whatever the reason, investing in logo design that gets your shop noticed and remembered over the dozens of providers you’re competing against is a no brainer!

By investing in high quality, expert logo design your business can:


Attract More Leads

13% greater potential of getting consumer attention for businesses with the memorable logos

(Siegel + Gale)


Make The Right Impression

7% more likely to generate positive consumer response about businesses with memorable logos

(Siegel + Gale)

But creating a logo your target customers instantly connect with and can easily recall requires more than hiring a great graphic design partner. The steps you take before and after the actual design process can be the difference between getting a unique mark to help set you apart or a pretty image that looks a lot like everyone else.

Don’t leave your logo design to chance! Start by downloading our 100% free “Tire & Auto Shop Logo Design Cheat Sheet’ for the (5) five steps you need to make sure your new logo stands out.

The Conceptual Minds Difference

At Conceptual Minds, we partner with auto service businesses to execute automotive logo design that commands attention, reflects each client’s unique values, and serves as the foundation for their entire brand. Our design process starts with in-depth research uncovering what makes your business tick, what your customers care about, and what your competitors are doing. We combine those insights with our longtime knowledge about the auto service industry to translate each client’s identity and into an eye-catching, modern logo that never gets overlooked by your customers and can withstand the test of time. Our team offers:


Automotive Expertise

Our team has 12+ Years of automotive industry experience.


Award Winning Work

We’ve won several awards for our automotive design work, including tire & auto shop logo design.


Cross-Channel Logo Design

Our team’s in-depth marketing expertise allows us to ensure your logo is designed to be equally effective across digital, print, and mass media.


Timeless Logo Design

We believe that delivering your new logo is just the beginning. Together, we can work to make sure your logo evolves with you over time, and never goes out of style.

Client Success Story

See how we helped our tire & auto shop client kick off a major brand upgrade with the ultimate logo tune-up.

What our Tire & Auto Clients Say
  • For the last 4 years, Taran and his team have helped us shift gears into hyper drive for all things marketing. When we needed a brand update to keep up with our customers and competition, we knew Conceptual Minds would get the job done. As always, they exceeded our expectations and helped transform it all from our logo to retail space to website - giving our customers the ultimate experience, above and beyond what most of our competitors could offer!
    Zack Wiygul, Owner
    Wiygul Automotive Clinic
  • John Daniels, Executive VP
    When your marketing agency gets you results like Conceptual Minds, you stick around. But it’s not just the new customers and higher car counts – it’s the fact that they’re more of a partner than a provider that makes Taran’s team and their approach the best choice for our shop.
    John Daniels, Executive VP
    Daniels Tire Service
  • Taran and his team do a great job at helping me look at our marketing at a high level. That insight has given us a much better idea of how to turn our marketing dollars into higher car counts and profits. With Conceptual Minds in our court, we make smarter decisions that don’t waste our time or money.
    Betsy Briggs, Owner
    ABS Unlimited Auto Repair

Supercharge Your Automotive
Brand with a Logo Upgrade

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Automotive Logo Design Services FAQs

Q: How quickly can Conceptual Minds design my automotive logo?

A: From the time you say go, we can deliver your new logo in as little as 2 weeks. Of course, it depends on your requirements and scale of your logo design/re-design project. That said, we pride ourselves offering very fast turnaround times, without compromising quality. In fact, our clients consistently rave about our design quality, messaging, and speed of delivery.

Q: How does your pricing work for logo design services?

A: Our logo design service starts at $900. Our standard fee comes with 3 initial designs, plus finalized web and print logo options.

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