The Ultimate EDDM Guide to USPS Every Door Direct Mail

EDDM Guide To USPS Every Door Direct Mail

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Here’s a guide to help you decide if EDDM direct mail or third-party service saturation is right for your auto repair shop marketing strategy. 

Conceptualminds | May 19, 2022

The Ultimate EDDM Guide for Auto Repair Shop Marketing


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a USPS service that helps businesses saturate local markets with low-cost direct mail.

Many SMBs are well served by EDDM—auto repair shops in particular.

For others, EDDM’s resource-and-time intensive DIY approach is intimidating, lacking requiring a approach. A full-service direct mail agency is probably their best bet.

But what’s right for your auto repair shop marketing strategy—EDDM direct mail or third-party full-service saturation?

We, the auto repair shop marketing experts at Conceptual Minds, put together this guide to help you decide. And, if it’s a good fit, we’ll walk you through launching your first EDDM campaign.

Many SMBs are well served by EDDM— auto repair shops in particular.

For others without dedicated marketing staff, EDDM’s resource-and-time intensive DIY approach may be too limiting. A full-service direct mail agency is probably their best bet.

EDDM Direct Mail Comes with Hidden Costs for Some Auto Repair Shops

USPS Delivery

EDDM’s popularity is undoubtedly due mainly to its affordability.

Currently, a piece runs you 18.7¢—half the cost of first-class mail—which currently runs you 58¢ (changing to 60c very soon!).

But because EDDM is only a delivery service–and not a full-service direct mail marketer– it doesn’t help with strategy, design, targeting, printing, or bundling.

Thus, the expense incurred may erode any potential cost savings. (how do we handle this, we sell EDDM, it’s tricky).

If that’s the case, you’re better off doing a saturation campaign with a full-service direct mail marketer. Many use bulk purchasing to get better deals on postage, and using one provider for all aspects of direct mail marketing can bring even greater savings

Every Door Direct Mail has Limited but Impactful Consumer Targeting for Auto Repair Shop Marketing

Saturation campaigns aren’t all about targeting sophistication. After all, the goal is spreading a high volume of mailers over a broad area while keeping costs minimal.

EDDM’s targeting options are minimal. You can exclude business and pick postal routes based on median age, income, and household size—but that’s about it. This may be sufficient depending on your goals, but it’s far from the most efficient possible campaign.


Because we’re using a median measure of a small population—and not household-by-household demographic data—many homes you’ll be delivering to will fall well outside those thresholds.

Depending on your ideal customer profile, you might need more precise targeting (Especially for specialized repair shops).

Full-service saturation campaigns provide numerous targeting options—everything from demographics, car ownership (including the make and model), and shopping preferences, among many others.

This increased depth of targeting is essential for specialized auto repair shops.


Every Door Direct Mail & Full-Service Saturation: Conclusions

Whether EDDM is right for your auto repair shop marketing strategy depends on how well—and how affordably—you can cover the mailer’s design, printing, bundling, and delivery.

If their separate cost isn’t greater than a full-service campaign—or your repair shop depends on consumers, EDDM can’t target—you’re better off leaving it in one set of hands.

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The Seven Heavenly Steps to EDDM Direct Mail Success

As we mentioned, there are more than a few steps involved in launching a direct mail marketing campaign via every door direct mail.

Still, the steps involved aren’t lengthy or too complex.

Step 1: Design Mailer to Meet EDDM Specifications

Direct Mail Response

EDDM mailers need to meet specific qualifications put out by USPS.

First, every door direct mail it’s for flat mail, meaning no envelopes; postcards and flyers only. All pieces must also be addressed to “POSTAL CUSTOMER” or “LOCAL POSTAL CUSTOMER.”

The indicia—a fancy word for the from sender box—needs to be placed precisely, according to these specifications:

  • 625″ from the right edge, 1.375 from the left edge, and 1.375 from the top edge
  • Box no larger than 0.5″ x 0.5″
  • Font is at least 4 point and in capital letters
  • 1/8″ blank space around the top and right edge

Additionally, your mailer needs to be within a certain size and weight range. They are:

  • Thickness: .007″ to .75″
  • Weight: > than 3.3 oz.
  • Length: 10.5 – 15″
  • Height: 6.125 to 12″

Step 2. Order Prints for Your EDDM Marketing Campaign

Now that you have a design, it’s time to print.

Order your prints, and opt for heavier card stock and high-gloss UV protection—for maximum impact.

Step 3. Select Your Every Day Direct Mail Routes

Next, you’ll need to go through USPS’s EDDM tool page. Create an account and use the map view to narrow down the postal routes via city, state, or zip code.

EDDM Routes

Check out the column view to filter routes by their median age, income, household size, and estimates for the approximate cost.

Once you’ve covered that, check each route’s checkbox to confirm.

Step 4. Print EDDM Direct Mail Paperwork

Because we are dealing with bureaucracy, paperwork is involved. You’ll need to download and print out these separate forms:

  • Retail post office listing form: Lists the post office locations to drop your mailers off; print a copy for each site, sign them, and hand them over on delivery.
  • Mailing statement: This form lists each route you’ve selected, the carrier route number, and the total number of mailpieces per route.
  • Facing slip: Details the number of mailers and bundles needed for each carrier route; print a copy for each bundle.

Step 5. Select a Drop-Off Date and Payment for USPS EDDM

All that’s left is to choose your drop-off date.

Remember that you’ll need to deliver your bundles to all the USPS locations listed on your retail post office listing form. Note that you can either pay in person or at your USPS location.

Step 6. Bundle Auto Repair Shop Marketing Direct Mail Pieces

Direct Mail Pieces

Now for bundling. You’ll need to sort and wrap bundles of either 50 or 100 mailers—secured with rubber bands.

First, read your mailing statement; it’ll tell you the number of bundles needed for each route.

Next, sort bundles by route—with a facing slip tied to each—then drop them off at the corresponding USPS office(s).

Step 7. Measure Your EDDM Direct Mail Campaign & Learn

It’s impossible to predict how your prospects will receive your mailers.

Even perfectly planned campaigns aren’t guaranteed success, and it takes a handful of repeat exposure for new consumers to become familiar enough to visit.

Reviewing at least a few metrics after the fact, you might discover

Be sure you have a reliable method of tracking who responded to your mailers, then review these metrics:

  • Response rate
  • Average order revenue
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Return on investment

Once you understand how your latest campaign went, it’s much easier to pick up on what you’re doing right and where you have room for improvement.

Win Bigger Each Time

Like a lot of marketing, saturation campaigns force you to carefully weigh the costs and benefits of your investment and tease out lessons that improve every successive campaign. EDDM or not.



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