The Role of Video Marketing in Attracting Top Talent to Your Auto Repair Shop

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As expert Marketing Coaches for the auto repair industry, we’re always advising tire and auto repair shops to tap into the BIG promotional power of video marketing. But there’s more to creative and compelling videos than just TV ads or YouTube channel marketing efforts.

What most auto repair shops are struggling with right now is employee onboarding and talent acquisition. It’s hard to find great mechanics, technicians, and service writers these days. And you can use video marketing strategies to your hiring advantage. Today, we’re sharing HIGH-VALUE insights you can put in motion to become a magnet for new-hire candidates. See how using videos can promote career opportunities with your shop and keep your employee roster full, boosting talent acquisition efforts long term.


Show Off Your Auto Repair Shop’s Company Culture

Consider creating videos around your auto repair shop, capturing candid moments of fun and highlighting employees enjoying their work. Workplace culture is a HUGE priority for today’s candidates. And they’ll flock to apply with you if they believe you offer a rewarding and positive place to work.


According to WrenchWay, 58% of auto repair technicians value the “shop’s work environment” more than benefits, compensation, or career development.


When creating your videos, look to highlight the most important pillars or contributors of a healthy company culture.

  • Trustworthy brand and management
  • Workplace and employee satisfaction
  • Respect and fairness
  • Effective leadership and support
  • Transparent communication
  • Ethical values



According to Market Watch


Video Marketing to Demonstrate Your Auto Repair Shop’s Expertise

Produce educational videos that showcase your team’s expertise and skills in automotive repair and maintenance. Offer insights into the latest industry trends, innovative repair techniques, and advanced diagnostic tools used in your shop to demonstrate your commitment to excellence and professional development. When you position yourself as “THE expert” shop in the area, veteran technicians and recent graduates alike will be more likely to apply with you for career opportunities.


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Always Capture and Share Employee Testimonials

You can shout from the rooftops about how great your auto repair shop is to work for, but nothing is more powerful than an employee testimonial. Right now, there are experienced and highly qualified mechanics and technicians working for “the other guys” and actively (but quietly) looking for other opportunities. These passive candidates are going to rely on the word of your employees to convince them the grass is greener on your side of town.

In a recent WrenchWay analysis:

  • 85% of auto technicians think video helps them decide if a shop is a good fit for them to work.
  • 97% of technicians prefer unscripted, candid videos of employees talking about their work experiences over generic corporate recruiting videos.
  • Even when they aren’t looking for a new job, 81% of auto repair technicians still like watching behind the scenes videos of shops.

Use videos to conduct employee interviews or create fun “shorts” that highlight the authentic sentiments of your current staff.

  • Share what they like most about their roles.
  • Ask them to describe the “team” environment.
  • Inspire them to talk about growth/learning opportunities.


Take a Virtual Tour of Your Auto Repair Shop

Show off your shop with videos that provide behind-the-scenes tours. Highlight your state-of-the-art equipment, your busy service bays, and your comfortable waiting area. These videos can provide visual, first-hand experiences of how impressive your tire and auto repair business is for customers and staff alike.



Create Videos That Highlight Your Employee Benefits

Consider creating a series of videos you can use to showcase employee benefits and perks. Think beyond the traditional benefits of vacation time or annual pay increases, too. Get creative and design video campaigns that celebrate employee birthdays, employee of the month recognition, or company-sponsored summer outings.

Other employee perks worth mentioning in your talent acquisition videos include:

  • Wellness programs or gym memberships you offer
  • Employee discounts for car service
  • Flexible scheduling options


According to WrenchWay


Celebrate Employee Success Stories with Video Marketing

Whenever you have an auto repair shop employee who achieves a unique milestone, celebrate it with a video! Feature interviews with current employees discussing their career progression, training programs, and advancement opportunities to attract candidates who are looking for long-term career development.

For example, years of service videos can demonstrate to potential applicants that your shop is the place to work long-term. Technicians who complete certifications or ongoing training can show potential new hires that growth and personal development are possible. And anyone who achieves a promotion can testify to opportunities for career growth withing your auto repair shop.


Let Conceptual Minds Take the Reins with Your Talent Acquisition Videos

By incorporating video marketing into your recruitment strategy, you can effectively showcase your auto repair shop as an attractive employer and lure in top talent who are passionate about automotive repair and eager to join your team.

Not sure where to start with building your shop’s library of talent acquisition videos? We can help! Let our video marketing experts step in to take the reins. We’ll work with you to develop a winning video marketing strategy that includes improved results in onboarding new team members. Let us create videos, build a strategy, choose your channels, and execute brilliantly, so all you do is sit back and process applications! Contact us, and let’s get you hiring!


Learn About Conceptual Minds

As veterans of the automotive industry, the Conceptual Minds team are experts at growing car counts through effective and personable marketing. If you are unsure of your current marketing strategy and would like some guidance, contact us today.

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