Talent Acquisition & Video Marketing: Showcasing Your Auto Repair Team with Behind-the-Scenes Videos

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Behind-the-scenes promotional videos offer a compelling way to showcase your team and auto repair shop, giving potential new hires an inside look into your operations and expertise. Here are some tips for creating engaging behind-the-scenes promotional videos. And when executed correctly, it can help you keep your tire and auto repair shop operating at full staff, supporting your business growth!

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Auto Technician Hiring Is Challenging in 2024

It’s a tough recruiting market out there right now for a host of industries, especially the auto repair industry. Auto technician hiring is a necessity as many legacy technicians prepare for retirement. And the current auto repair technician shortage means you’re going to have to compete with other shops and dealerships to attract and retain top mechanic talent.

  • ACV Auctions reported the nationwide shortage of auto technicians may reach a hiring deficit of 642,000 in 2024.
  • Fox Business shared that auto repair employers are now lucky to get four or five applications over two months when they historically used to get 20+ upon posting a new position.
  • NADA estimates that there are roughly 76,000 open positions right now nationwide and only 39,000 new mechanics coming out of college and training programs looking for careers.

This auto technician shortage doesn’t have to spell disaster for your tire and auto shop. It just means you’ll have to get creative about how you attract new mechanics. And your technician recruiting efforts are going to have to be ongoing. The days of posting an open position when it’s available and filling it quickly are gone. Instead, develop a year-round onboarding strategy that promotes your auto repair shop as the best place to work.

Use video marketing to get the word out and be sure to feature what WrenchWay says are the most important to today’s career-hunting auto technicians.

  • 98% Proper and adequate equipment availability.
  • 93% Paid vacation.
  • 91% Paid training opportunities.
  • 87% Retirement contributions.
  • 81% Visible and documented career growth path.
  • 75% Consistency with performance evaluations.
  • 66% No weekend work.
  • 59% Temperature-controlled working environments.
  • 50% Reasonable tool allowances.
  • 34% Occasional company paid lunches.


Introduce Your Teams

Start by introducing your team members and highlighting their roles and expertise. Showcase their passion for automotive repair and their dedication to providing top-notch service to customers. Maybe create an ongoing library of video interviews, celebrating each employee’s contribution to the success of your auto repair shop.

Why it matters: To attract new mechanics and technicians, let your teams do the “showing and telling.” Applicants expect you to endorse your shop as a great place to work. But your existing employees will have more credibility in convincing others to consider applying.


Highlight the Work Environment

Take viewers on a tour of your auto repair shop to highlight the work environment. A behind-the-scenes video might include technicians hard at work in the service bays or running diagnostic equipment. Zoom in on those specialized tools used for repairs and innovative equipment, too. Showcasing your clean, organized, and professional work environment can instill confidence in potential new hires.

Why it matters: Workplace culture is a top priority for today’s candidates. And they won’t change careers if they feel your work environment is just as stressful or marginally less toxic than their current position. It’s the overwhelmingly positive workplace video that can authentically show off what a day-in-the-life is like at your shop.


According to Gallup, 2023


Demonstrate Repair Processes

Provide demonstrations of common repair processes performed at your shop with your videos. These behind-the-scenes looks might include engine diagnostics, brake repairs, or tire replacements. Highlight the precision and skill required to perform these tasks and reassure customers of your team’s competency.

Why it matters: Today’s auto repair technicians value innovation, tool allowances, and state-of-the-art equipment. When you showcase your repair processes in your videos, you can show potential applicants what your shop has to offer its valued technicians and staff.


<a href="https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/happy-woman-signing-paperwork-auto-repair-shop-looking-camera_26825157.htm#fromView=search&page=1&position=15&uuid=6d79a536-d5c8-45f7-95c5-aa00b0c5a526">Image by Drazen Zigic on Freepik</a>-- auto repair customer


Showcase Customer Interactions

Capture some candid interactions between your team members and customers to demonstrate your commitment to excellent customer service. Show your team’s friendly demeanor, professionalism, and willingness to address customer concerns. These types of video moments are highly valuable to potential candidates as well as customers.

Why it matters: If your auto repair shop is great at creating positive customer experiences, you’ll always be busy. And technicians prefer to work with organizations that do well by everyone who passes through the doors.


Feature Success Stories

Share testimonials and success stories from current staff members who have positive experiences to share about your auto repair shop. Let technicians and service writers explain in their own words what it’s like working at your shop. Encourage them to highlight successes, like new certifications, recent promotions, or years of loyal service.

Why it matters: Future hires will want to see a clear path to career success. Testimonials and success stories from current employees will demonstrate your commitment to personal development and professional growth, thus attracting more candidates.


According to HR Curator, 2023


Share Community Involvement

If your auto repair shop is involved in community events or charitable initiatives, highlight these efforts in your behind-the-scenes videos. Showcase your shop’s commitment to giving back to the community and supporting local causes. It’s how you differentiate yourself from the competition. But it’s also a great way to attract top talent.

Why it matters: Giving back and supporting local organizations sends a message to a prospective applicant that you are committed to corporate responsibility. And being a valued member of the community shows you’re invested in long-term business growth and success.


<a href="https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/people-making-grimace-expression-with-their-faces_38879551.htm#fromView=search&page=1&position=1&uuid=a8a10c0d-9b6a-4e61-a482-62c1aba6ebbf?log-in=email">Image by pikisuperstar</a> on Freepik -- bloopers


Include Bloopers and Outtakes

Adding some lighthearted bloopers or outtakes can inject personality into your videos and make them more relatable to viewers. It humanizes your team and adds a touch of authenticity to your behind-the-scenes footage.

Why it matters: Use your behind-the-scenes videos to have some fun! Applicants will be more likely to apply if they know your employees can laugh and enjoy themselves on the job.


Conceptual Minds Can Create Your Library of Behind-the-Scenes Videos

By showcasing your team and auto repair shop in behind-the-scenes promotional videos, you can humanize your brand, build trust with potential new hires, and differentiate your shop from competitors who are also looking to hire. And if you need help building your library of video assets, trust our Marketing Coaches at Conceptual Minds! We’ll help you leverage the power of video marketing in a way that also markets your shop as THE place to work! Open the floodgates of candidate applications with compelling behind-the-scenes videos. And let our team design, produce, and launch them so you can continue to focus on your business while we handle the marketing.

Learn About Conceptual Minds

As veterans of the automotive industry, the Conceptual Minds team are experts at growing car counts through effective and personable marketing. If you are unsure of your current marketing strategy and would like some guidance, contact us today.

Need help with auto shop hiring using videos?

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