Reputation Management for Car Dealers

Generate 500% more positive reviews and enjoy double-digit increase in leads and car count!

Why is Reputation Management for Car Dealers a Critical Investment ?

With vehicle owners often being less than trusting of car dealers and online reviews affecting 97% of buying decisions, consumers regularly turn to online reviews and public comments to help them choose the right dealership. This is why car dealers can’t afford to put reputation management on the back burner.

If your dealership currently has little to no reviews online or they don’t make sure your business looks appealing in the eyes of your prospects, then it’s time to take control of your reputation today!

A solid reputation on third-party websites, like Google, Yelp, and Facebook will help your dealership:


Greater revenue generated by businesses with “claimed” profiles on (4) four+ review sites

(Womply Research)


Higher purchase potential for a product or service with five reviews compared to one with (0) zero reviews

(Spiegel Research Center)


New leads can be acquired when a business star rating goes up by 1.5

(Location3 Case Study)


Reviews averaged by businesses in top (3) three positions on Google local search

(Google Reviews Study)

Don’t let your auto dealership fall behind by not taking your online review management seriously. Start by finding out your current reputation status and how our auto & tire shop reputation management agency can you help you get so much more.


Grade my Google My Business Account!

Our Reputation Management for Car Dealer Solutions

As a full-service car dealership reputation management agency, we help:

  • Improve your star rating
  • Speed up your level of responsiveness
  • Improve your Google search ranking

In a nutshell, with us as your reputation management partner, we ensure your car dealership business is found and chosen by new consumers constantly on the hunt for trusted automotive services.


Web Directory Listing Creation & Management:

An updated and well-maintained profile on independent sites like Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook can improve your local search rankings. With 78% of local mobile searches resulting in an offline purchase, showing up at the top of a local search result is a big deal. 

Our team creates, corrects, and verifies your key business information in top ranking online directories for each of your business locations. We also help keep your profiles up to date with relevant information such as coupons and/or special offers so you can not only reach and but also convert searchers into paying customers.

Review Monitoring & Response Creation:

Keeping a pulse on what customers are saying about your car dealership is more important than ever. Equally (and perhaps more critical) is timely and regular responses to your customer reviews, especially the negative ones.

Here are two reasons why:

  • 97% of customers reading reviews, report reading a businesses’ responses to reviews
  • 45% say they’re more likely to do business with companies that respond to negative reviews.

Our team regularly monitors and sends alerts on reviews posted online by your customers. Additionally, our master marketers use their auto industry knowledge and experience to create and quickly post personalized (pre-approved by you) responses to your customer’s reviews. For more unique issues, we work with you (or a member of your team) to draft and post specific responses.

Review Generation:

Your car dealership needs a high number of recent reviews to improve and maintain your local rank on Google. Consumers expect to see a minimum of (10) ten reviews on your business profile before they trust your business. Plus, 44% of consumers report that they tend to mainly consider businesses that have at least one review published within the last month. 

We help car dealerships generate a high volume of reviews on an ongoing basis. Our team uses text message and email based review solicitation software that can connect to most customer management systems and send reviews automatically.

Client Success Story

Daniels Tire Service

Client Overview:





Increase in Review Volume Across 7 Locations
in 17 Months 


New Online Reviews Generated in 17 Months


New Total Average Star Rating (0.3 Increase)
 in 17 months

Low Price Guarantee

Our Low Price Guarantee

We are confident in our automotive industry experience, Yelp and Google expertise, directory management and review monitoring skills. This is why we guarantee the lowest price on your reputation management services.

To qualify, you must submit a written request prior to receiving any reputation management services from us.

What Our Clients Say

  • If you’re looking for a team that’ll make your shop’s online reputation shine – Conceptual Minds, they’re your guys! It’s simple – when you combine years of auto marketing expertise and a team that puts their clients first – you’ve got everything you need to make the right impression where it counts.
    Mike McHenry, Advertising and Marketing Manager
    Gatto's Tires & Auto Service
  • John Daniels, Executive VP
    Conceptual Minds makes reputation management a breeze! Taran and his team helped us get close to 1,000 new reviews on Google in under 2 years from customers at all 7 of our shops – now if that’s not the golden standard in getting the word out there about us, I don’t know what is!
    John Daniels, Executive VP
    Daniels Tire Service
The Conceptual Minds Difference

At Conceptual Minds, we understand how to build and improve a car dealership’s reputation that always put your best foot forward. Our team has the tools and the automotive expertise to measurably increase the volume your online reviews. This strategy will help your business generate greater awareness, convert more leads, and ultimately increase revenue for your business. Together we’ll connect your business with new consumers and transform your current customers into raving fans who promote and extend the reach of your brand even further.

Automotive Expertise

Our team has 12+ Years of automotive industry experience and has a solid set of pre-established responses based on our experience that can help us hit the ground running.

Text Messaging Based Review Platform

We’ve partnered with a top review collection platform designed to solicit customer reviews by text message. Our clients gain exclusive access to the platform’s premium features, including customized review invitations, reminders, thank you messaging, and negative review follow up to fit your needs and goals at a discounted price.

Yelp Expertise

Our team speaks Yelp, with expertise in optimizing Yelp profiles, managing and monitoring reviews, and writing compelling reviews that bring current and new customers to your dealership.

Success Measurement

Our regular reporting and insights help identify ways to continuously improve your reputation and outperform your competitors.

Get Your Car Dealership Reputation Right

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Reputation Management for Car Dealer FAQs

Q: Does the content in my Google My Business [GMB] or Yelp profile matter?

A: Yes! In fact, we find this to be one of the biggest missed opportunities for brands today. An SEO friendly, keyword optimized profile can be the difference between getting ranked highly on key topics (or not).

Q: There’s a ton of review sites online. Which ones are best for my dealership?

A: Where you generate those reviews does matter. Think about it – you wouldn’t want to focus your efforts on a review platform that only a few people are visiting or only your website (where your customers expect you to say positive things). Here’s the top 3 review platforms, according to Podium:

Because Yelp’s rules don’t allow you to solicit reviews to grow your review count, we recommend focusing your initial efforts on setting up a Google My Business and Facebook profile, especially because the majority of search traffic happens there.

Q: You say I need a large number of reviews online. What number counts as a “large number?”

A: Great question! In a day when people expect businesses to have it together with reviews, we advise building your profiles up to have at minimum 50 reviews to look like you’ve been serving customers well and consistently.

Your number of reviews likely affects how high you show up in Google local search results too. Google wants to see people say positive things about you online before it pushes you into the top 3 local picks the next time John Doe searches “audi car dealer near me.” Google cares a lot about giving its users the best local picks in search results.

Also, look at your competitors. If the shop down the street has 100 good reviews and your goal is to do better than your competition, then generating more positive reviews quickly will help this goal.

Q: I have plenty of business, and I have good reviews online. I also show up high in Google local search for my area. Do I still need to generate additional reviews?

A: Generating reviews regularly ensures that your business always stays ahead of the competition. It’s like good car maintenance — you’ll wish you’d done it before weird noises start coming from the engine and performance suffers (or in this case, bad reviews come through and kill that great star rating you had worked hard to achieve!).

We recommend that you stay focused on generating lots of great positive reviews regularly so forces outside of your control don’t affect your online ratings and ranking now or in the future.

Q: Will Conceptual Minds help me determine Return on Investment (ROI) for my reputation management support and services?

A: Yes, Absolutely! At Conceptual Minds, we work hard to ensure that everything we do drives value for our clients. This includes any/all reputation management efforts. We help our clients implement a variety of strategies to make certain that we can track ROI for their dollars.

Q: Which type of automotive businesses can benefit from Conceptual Minds reputation management services?

A: Any auto service business, from multi-location tire retailers to single shop operators to car dealers, looking to increase leads, improve revenues, and decrease opportunity loss, should consider reputation management a priority. More than ever your target consumers are relying on reviews and local search results to decide between you and a competitor. We guarantee that most in the auto service industry will benefit big time from investing in our review management services.

Q: What can I expect from Conceptual Minds as our car dealership’s reputation management agency?

A: At Conceptual Minds, we use a 4-step process proven to deliver our clients results when it comes to furthering their online reputation.

Step 1 – We start out by identifying online platforms where conversations about your business are taking place.

Step 2 – we craft a game plan that includes platform recommendations as well as a strategy to maximize ratings and user engagement.

Step 3 – is all about execution, where we create and optimize profiles on targeted platforms and create user engagement on the selected review sites.

Step 4 – we regularly measure and identify ways to maximize results.

Q: How quickly can Conceptual Minds launch a reputation management solution for car dealership?

A: The short answer is – very quickly! From the moment you say go, we can help you set up and begin soliciting automated reviews by text messages in a matter of just a couple of days! So, don’t wait. Let’s get started today.

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