Podium Reviews: Is Investing In Podium Worth It?

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Podium Reviews: Is Investing In Podium Worth It?

Here's our take on Podium reviews.

If you’re here, you’ve likely heard of the review management tool Podium in some form or fashion. If you seek an independent third-party confirmation about the results Podium delivers for businesses, you came to the right place.

We’re Conceptual Minds, a full-service marketing agency focused on creating measurable growth for our clients. Ensuring that a client is managing and monetizing reviews is at the top of our priorities when we’re helping businesses acquire customers and make more money.

So, we partner with Podium to bring our clients what we consider to currently be the best-of-the-best in review collection and management software.

After using the Podium reviews software for more than a year with clients across industries (and comparing its performance to some of the other review generation and reputation management tools), we can confidently say that investing in this tool has definitely been worth it for our clients:

Podium software has increased our clients’ review count by 500 percent on average.[1] Our clients are getting reviews where reviews count most: Google.

If you want outstanding growth for your Google My Business reviews, drop us a line at the link below, and we’ll contact you for a no-obligation consultation.

What’s more is we’re a Podium Certified Partner, and our buying power gives our clients special discounts on the retail price of Podium software. (And you get all of the services that come with being a Podium customer!)

If you were on the fence about it, you now have a third-party confirmation that Podium software works well, and you also have the opportunity to save money on the regular price that Podium offers businesses.

Win-win, if you ask us.

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How Collecting Reviews and Improving Them Through Podium Helps Businesses

 If you need to brush up on exactly how Podium works for businesses, we’ve got you covered.

Podium Software Makes Reviewing Your Business Easy for Your Customers

Podium helps businesses generate a measurable amount of reviews on Google by sending the review invite directly to their mobile device via text message. (Did you know that 89 percent of customers prefer text messaging to communicate with a business?)[2]

In fact, more than 90% of people open their texts within three minutes of receiving them.[3]

Podium’s proprietary software allows for a seamless Google and Facebook sign-in on the user’s mobile device, a feature that helps more customers review a business within minutes of receiving the review invite. This process is much simpler than the “clunkier” experience with other platforms.

And in the world of review collection, clunk can be junk! The more steps a customer has to take to review a business (like having to remember their Google account password to log in and write a review), the less chance that business has of collecting a large volume of reviews.

Podium helps you get reviews

Podium Software Can Improve Your Local Search Presence

 Podium allows users to review you on Google and Facebook and many other platforms. As you know, Google is where most businesses can generally reach the largest volume of prospective customers. To confirm, data suggests that 81 percent of people begin looking for a product or service on a search engine. [4]

Google itself tells us that collecting positive reviews and responding to reviews on Google My Business can improve a company’s local SEO presence (which means it can rank higher in search results when a user searches Google for a service or product in their local area).[5]

More reasons why we love Podium software for businesses:

√ As of this writing, Podium is the only Google-backed reputation solicitation and management tool on the market today.
√ It syncs with a large amount of customer management systems
√ Its state-of-the-art software makes the user experience easy both for businesses and customers alike.
√ Sending review invites, answering customer questions, scheduling appointments and following up on negative reviews are all simply handled from one single backend dashboard.
√ Podium continues to grow and serve thousands of businesses. It was named one of Fast Company’s 2019 World’s Most Innovative Companies and in 2018 was named the 13th fastest growing company in America.

Conceptual Minds And Podium Reviews: A Winning Mix

Conceptual Minds is a Podium Certified Partner

If you’re like a lot of businesses out there, you need more reviews and the highest possible star rating to beat your competitors online.

When it comes to generating reviews where your online prospects will surely see them when searching for your type of services, we believe that nothing bests Podium.

Like we mentioned before: If you’re considering Podium for your review generation, collection and chat, know that as a Podium reviews partner, Conceptual Minds’ buying power affords you discounts on the retail price typically NOT available through Podium directly. And the plan/service you get is the same as if you’d purchased directly from Podium (just for less money)!

If you work with us, not only do you save money on an effective review management tool, but you also get the strategic guidance of a full-service marketing agency that is driving measurable results through Podium reviews for companies small and large across a variety of industries.

Our marketing expertise, paired with an impeccable platform like Podium, is a winning mix. Have a conversation with Conceptual Minds today about your market and your unique review generation needs!

Get a free consultation today by submitting your contact info at the link below.

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[2] Source: Twilio

[3] Source: MobileSQUARED

[4] According to a Podium survey of 2,000+ consumers who use online reviews

[5] From Google: https://support.google.com/business/answer/7091?hl=en

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