The Website Conversion Challenge

A multi-store aftermarket retail automotive organization located in the Eastern United States had undergone a massive re-branding effort recently and had simultaneously launched a brand new website.

They were in need of a sophisticated and experienced automotive consultant that could take this new website to new heights by improving site’s visibility and maximizing conversion rates.

The Solution

Conceptual Minds identified several areas of opportunity including improvement in user flow, on-page Search Engine Optimization, shopping cart flow and need for additional landing pages.

Between 2013 and 2014, Conceptual Minds team created several hundred SEO friendly landing pages, thoroughly optimized the original website, and improved shopping cart experience.

The Results

The results have been staggeringly positive! When we compared the periods of Mar 2013 – Feb 2014 v. March 2014 v. Feb 2015:

Greater Organic Search Visibility: 112% Increase in Organic Traffic To the Site

Increased Website Conversions: 44% Improvement in Total Unique Conversions


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