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Medical Target Audience Evaluation

Current Customer Assessment & Target Audience Identification

Our medical marketing team helps medical professionals – doctors, dentists, and fertility clinics – conduct a thorough demographic assessment of their current patient base and identify as well as market to individuals with similar demographic traits within their target geography.

Evaluate current marketing channels and recommend the best high performing options

Medical professionals are regularly bombarded with a large amount of marketing communication. We realize many of you prefer to practice medicine not marketing. And in any event, it is time consuming and difficult to sift through each offer while operating your clinic or practice effectively. This is where Conceptual Minds’ medical marketing team comes in and evaluates your current marketing channels for you. We separate the positive ROI channels from the negative ones so your medical practice can maximize its marketing dollars. We also recommend new channels – digital and otherwise – that could add value to your business

Medical Marketing Strategy Evaluation

We Offer A Variety of Services To Suit Every Need


Think of your website as the face of your medical business. Do you like what you see?

Conceptual Minds understands that your website can serve a variety of purposes including establishing credibility and reputation and serving as an information portal for your patients. But, your website can and should also be an avenue to generate leads and revenue. In order to create a website that exceeds your customer’s expectations, we take the time to understand your medical practice, its business goals, and the typical patient normally drawn to your practice in addition to identifying existing problems and challenges with your current website design.

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It’s the 21st century and there are many ways to promote your medical business but none are as reliable as Email Marketing.

A recent study revealed that 91% of consumers check their emails every day! This number is far higher than the number of people who use Facebook (the most popular social network).

Not all customers (or pateints) are alike. While many marketers value the ability to instantly reach thousands of people, the most effective use of email is through narrowcasting – crafting targeted messages and directing them to a specific audience. In no other business is narrowcasting more critical than in the medical arena. Emails to patients or potential patients must be narrowly tailored, specific, and effectively worded. Some people may even hold communications from the medical professionals to a higher standard than communications from other businesses.

In any event, customization is vital and will allow your practice or clinic to harness the true power of email marketing and use it as the superb patient acquisition and relationship building tool that it can be.

By doing so, your business will be harnessing the true power of email marketing, and using it as the superb customer acquisition and relationship building tool that it can be.

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Search Engine Optimization

Most medical professionals understand the importance of having a website. However, your website is meaningless if your potential customers never reach it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making a business found and ranked higher in search results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Don’t get lost in the crowd.

Achieve greater visibility through our highly strategic, white-hat, geo-targeted SEO process.

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PPC Management

Looking to reach more patient base, generate more leads and increase sales? Then a PPC Campaign is likely a good solution for your medical business or clinic.

PPC is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to a company’s website or phone center. It is one of the fastest ways of generating targeted visits and has traditionally been successful for marketing firms.

Effective PPC campaigns require thorough industry and platform understanding along with on-going KPI analysis. We understand that typical PPC can be expensive and may not fit every budget. However, there are more affordable platforms where PPC strategy can work very well and satisfy the goals of even the “leanest” of budgets. Don’t let a novice marketing firm provide your medical practice with sub-par performance.

Our experts are here to help!

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A small change in website conversion rates can mean a significant revenue fluctuation. Is your website performing at its best?

Achieving successful audience engagement and high conversion rate requires a thorough grasp of technology, user experience and general marketing principles.

Our experts are well versed in all of these areas and they are ready to help you optimize your website and help you meet and exceed the expectations.

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The best way for your business to grow, thrive and succeed is to cultivate a solid plan for your medical practice or clinic.

Creating an overall business strategy requires a thorough understanding of your target market, your competition, the business landscape in your operating areas, and the internal workings of your own organization.

Conceptual Minds helps doctors, dentists and fertility clinics at every stage of their life cycle – whether you are just hanging up a shingle as a solo-practitioner or part of a more established practice – by developing custom strategy through collaboration with internal stakeholders.

Our team is ready to help your practice construct a strategy that positions you for long-term success.

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The story of your medical practice is being told on the internet everyday by your patients and employees. Prospective patients are reading this story to determine if they should do rely on your practice for their medical needs.

Don’t let others craft an image for your practice. Instead, be proactive and take control of your online reputation.

Let Conceptual Minds help you manage your reputation by controlling the conversation!

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Branding is a critical consideration for any business – yes even medical practices and clinics. Your “brand” serves as the image of your medical practice and sets an expectation for your customers and employees.

A logo serves as the foundation of your brand. It’s prominent and well-positioned display on your website and on all other marketing materials helps communicate your brand effectively.

Conceptual Minds assists medical practices with their branding. If you desire a new, high-caliber logo, print collateral such as brochures, sell-sheets, or high-quality animation videos at a reasonable price then look no further.

Contact us today!

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Virginia Center For Reproductive Medicine Case Study


Conceptual Minds has helped Virginia Center For Reproductive Medicine – a leading DC area fertility clinic – achieve success in multiple areas. We worked closely with the clinic’s Medical Director to create an overall marketing strategy. Since its implementation, the practice has enjoyed triple digit lead growth year over year, significant improvement in website traffic and page views and double digit patient and non-patient engagement through email marketing.


Services Provided

  • Marketing Strategy Creation
  • SEO Strategy & Implementation
  • PPC Strategy & On going Management
  • Website Optimization
  • Email Marketing & Automation Strategy & Implementation

Key Successes

650% Lead Increase
25% Page View Increase
65% Email Open Rates
I would like to thank Conceptual Minds for spearheading our marketing campaign and significantly upgrading our reach, which resulted in noticeable dividends in terms of patient referrals. I would like to also thank you for making sure the campaign is tailored to our needs as we evolve.
Dr. Fady Sharara, Virginia Center For Reproductive Medicine

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