The Email Performance Challenge

McLean Insurance is an independent insurance agency located in Northern Virginia. The agency serves several thousand individual & business customers through a small and hard working team of dedicated employees.

The agency was experiencing a measurable increase in labor and marketing cost (especially print marketing) and thus was attempting to leverage new technologies to reduce cost, improve efficiency and better connect with their customers. This initiative was a challenge due to minimal internal know how of new technologies, no dedicated marketing team member(s) and intermittent execution. They were investing in monthly electronic newsletters but were seeing declining customer engagement and high unsubscribe rates. Overall, the agency was not seeing a positive return on investment for their efforts and investment.

McLean Insurance partnered with Conceptual Minds to help them create a strategic email marketing initiative and tactical execution of the said strategy.

The Solution

Conceptual Minds investigated the challenge, communication methodology and determined that agency would benefit from timely and targeted email engagement, strategic customer education through timely messages by leveraging email automation. Therefore, each of the pieces was implemented for the agency’s Personal Lines customers.

The Results

The results of our initiatives have been overwhelmingly positive.

Renewal Email Open Rates– 65%

(400% better that average open rates in the industry)

Renewal Email Engagement – 13%

Out of all users reached through email, 13% are creating an appointment online to discuss their insurance needs with their agent. This is leading to efficiency of 7 hours/per month/employee

We are beginning to educate customers through strategic email campaigns and are seeing a reduction in conversion cycle and a measurable improvement in avg. policy count

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