Making a Local Brand With Improved Strategy

How One Single-Location Tire & Auto Shop Boosted
Car Counts And Saved Marketing Dollars

Quantico Tire and Auto Care

Quantico Tire and Auto Care is a Triangle, Virginia-based repair shop that’s grown through the strength of its veteran focus and above-and-beyond customer service. After a forty-five-day print campaign with Conceptual Minds, Quantico Tire exceeded their revenue goals, experiencing a 28% car count boost over the prior January.

The Results

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Improvement in ARO

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Higher car count compared to the previous January
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Higher revenue

The Fuel (Powering the Results)

What We Provided?
What We Delivered?
Professionally-Designed Print Mailers
Market Research Insights
The Nuts and Bolts
The Challenge

Quantico Tire and Auto Care’s growth had been steady, but there was clearly unmet potential for even more growth. After further discussion—and market analysis—Conceptual Minds strategists arrived at a solution.

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The Solution
In our market analysis, we identified three areas of opportunity: 
  1. Increasing general awareness within their target area 
  2. Educating customers about the company’s full range of services
  3. Raising awareness of under-requested automotive services
Print marketing was chosen as the delivery medium. Conceptual Minds designers then developed and distributed a few thousand postcards to area residents.


Why it
Further research revealed that consumers thought of Quantico Tire as a vehicle inspection service rather than a full-service auto repair shop. It’s previous marketing didn’t do much to dispel this myth. 
Since the company had already developed goodwill with its quality services, reminding consumers of their other offerings was enough to increase sales significantly.


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