Tire & Auto Repair Businesses Essential During Coronavirus (covid-19)COVID-19 is having an unfathomable impact on mankind across the globe. Much of the world (including the United States) is mostly shut down with some type of shelter in place order. This multi-month shutdown is having an unquantifiable psychological and financial impact on American businesses, consumers and our overall way of life. The burning question on minds of many is what should be the marketing plan for auto repair shops in these unprecedented times?

To answer these questions, the seasoned team at Conceptual Minds has been scouring all the resources in the marketplace to get the latest on the economy and then attempt to forecast how these changing conditions are expected to impact the tire & auto repair industry in 2020 and 2021.

Regardless of what happens with the economy in the near term, we know one thing is for certain – COVID-19 is going to have longer-term impact on consumer behavior and how the consumers do business with retailers and service providers.

Keeping all these issues and changes in mind, we have created a marketing plan template for auto repair shops that is meant to help tire & auto repair businesses of all sizes succeed in this uncertain era. The guide comes with tactical recommendations that can help your business become a leader and take market share from your competition.

We Answer The Following Questions In This Marketing Plan Template For Auto Shops:

  • How has the world changed since the early cases of Covid-19 were detected in the U.S.?
  • What will economic activity look like for the remainder of 2020?
  • How will consumer behavior differ in the post coronavirus world?
  • What will be the state of driving and auto repair industry in 2020 and beyond?
  • What changes should tire & auto repair businesses be making to their business in order survive and flourish in the post coronavirus world?


What’s Inside This Marketing Plan Template For Auto Shops?

  • Current Economic Environment For The Automotive IndustryHow To Market Tire & Auto Repair Business After Coronavirus
  • What does shut down and job losses mean specifically for tire & auto service businesses?
  • Travel & changing consumer behavior and it’s impact on the tire & auto repair industry
  • What can tire &  auto repair businesses do to capture expected demand growth?
    • Proper goal setting
    • Identifying target audience
    • Key Performance Indicator creation
  • What to consider when setting marketing budgets?
  • How to identify the best marketing channels for investment?
  • 8 Specific Marketing Channel Recommendations
  • Marketing Mix Recommendation
    • Single Operator
    • Multi-location operator
  • How to potentially tackle cash flow concerns

So, if you are ready to take the proverbial bull by its horn in these uncertain times and make lemon out of lemonade then don’t wait another second. Download our FREE step by step Marketing Guide today!