Marketing for CPAs: How to Use USPS’ EDDM for High-Volume Mail Campaigns

We created a comprehensive guide to help you unveil the power of EDDM marketing for your accounting firm.

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Conceptual Minds | August 30, 2023

Marketing for CPAs: How to Use USPS’ EDDM for High-Volume Mail Campaigns

Dentist appointments, Brussels sprouts, auto tuneups; sometimes the best things for us are so undesirable that we avoid them at great cost to ourselves.
While no one would ordinarily put direct mail in that category, it’s nevertheless extremely undervalued by many, perceived as a “cheap” and “old” method without the seemingly limitless promise of digital technology. In this way, direct mail is the vegetables of your marketing mix: essential, if not entirely thrilling.
One of the best direct mail tools available to service businesses like CPAs is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), a handy USPS service that offers cheaper rates at the cost of precise targeting and mailer format options (Only postcards can be used for it). In this post, we’ll explore the power of EDDM marketing and explain why it could be a highly beneficial tool for CPAs looking to enhance their saturation marketing efforts for the tax season and beyond.

The Benefits of Using Direct Mail Marketing for Your Accounting Firm

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a marketing service provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS), which enables businesses to reach a targeted audience within specific geographic areas. 
With EDDM, CPAs can deliver direct mail pieces to every mailbox in a particular neighborhood or ZIP code, without the need for a specific mailing list.

Benefits of EDDM Marketing for CPAs

CPA Direct Mail Idea #1) The New Client Welcome Package

EDDM is a particularly good fit for smaller-scale service businesses like accountants and CPAs. 
But why?
  • Wide Reach: EDDM marketing allows CPAs to blanket entire neighborhoods or ZIP codes with materials. This method ensures your message is delivered to a desired geographical area. It’s an excellent way to raise brand awareness and increase visibility within the local community.
  • Targeted Approach: While EDDM marketing reaches a wide audience, it also offers targeting options based on specific demographics. CPAs can customize their mailing to target households most likely to require their services, ensuring messaging reaches the right people.
  • Cost-Effective: EDDM marketing is a high-ROI and affordable option for CPAs with limited marketing budgets(Since EDDM eliminates the need for purchasing mailing lists and addressing individual envelopes).
  • Tangible and Personal: Getting physical mail stands out in today’s digital world, leaving a personal touch. EDDM marketing lets CPAs create visually appealing and informative mailers that clients can hold, read, and keep for future reference. This experience can make a lasting impression and build credibility and trust in the CPA’s expertise.
  • Easy Implementation: Implementing an EDDM marketing campaign is straightforward and hassle-free. CPAs can design their mail pieces, select the target areas, and drop off the bulk mailings at the local USPS post office. USPS takes care of distribution.
  • Trackable Results: EDDM marketing is trackable through the use of unique phone number, website URL, or promotional code. As such, CPAs can easily measure response rates and measure the overall success of their marketing efforts. This data can be used to refine future campaigns.

10 Steps to Launch a Successful EDDM Direct Mail Campaign

EDDM campaigns remove several steps and considerations from the asset-creation process and the planning workflow. As such, they’re a perfect tool for smaller-scale service companies.
Here’s how it works. 

#1.) Define Your Accountancy’s EDDM Campaign Objectives

Clearly outline the goals and objectives of your EDDM campaign. Identify the target audience, offer type, and message.

#2.) Research Your CPA Firm’s Target Areas 

Determine the specific neighborhoods or ZIP codes you want to target with your EDDM campaign. Consider factors such as proximity to your firm’s location, demographics, and median income.

#3.) Design Compelling Mail Pieces

Create visually appealing and informative mail pieces that effectively communicate your message. Ensure the design aligns with your brand identity, including relevant contact information, a strong call to action, and any promotional offers.

#4.) Comply with EDDM Guidelines

Send out personalized tax insights based on each client’s financial situation. Highlight potential deductions, credits, or strategies tailored to their unique circumstances. 
This level of personalization showcases your expertise and dedication to maximizing their financial well-being.

#5.) Choose the Right Printing Partner

In this auto repair advertising idea, we’re pushing an oft-ignored channel: TV and radio.
Mass market TV & radio are by far the most cost-effective methods of creating mass awareness of your company. 
Starting costs may be high–making the medium too costly for many single location shops–as you’ll have to run weekly spots for between six and twelve months. 
Still, If you’re a multi-location business and you want locals to know your name, there’s no better—or more cost-effective—medium.

#6.) Prepare the Mailing Documentation

In the hunt for the best possible marketing channel, many overlook the results that can be achieved by offsetting the weaknesses of one channel with the strengths of another. 
 For instance, neither TV nor SEO will bring quick results. So, if you’re still hoping to pursue those, you can offset the short-term loss with high-volume direct mail, reputation management, and Google Ads.

#7.) Print and Prepare the Mail Pieces

Coordinate with your printing partner to print the required quantity of mail pieces. Ensure that the printed materials are properly bundled and labeled according to USPS requirements. The bundles should be organized by specific carrier routes.

#8.) Visit the Local USPS Post Office

Take the prepared mail pieces, along with the required documentation, to your local USPS post office. Submit the mailings for processing, payment of postage fees, and verification. The USPS staff will guide you through the process, and we at Conceptual Minds would be happy to help, too.

#9.) Track and Monitor Results

Incorporate unique tracking mechanisms into your mail pieces, such as dedicated phone numbers, website URLs, or promotional codes. Monitor the response rate and track the success of your campaign. Use this data to evaluate the effectiveness of your EDDM efforts and make any necessary adjustments for future campaigns.

#10.) Follow Up with Potential Clients

As responses or inquiries are received, promptly follow up with potential clients who have expressed interest in your services. Provide them with the information they require and offer a personalized approach to establish a connection and convert.

Back to the Basics

It’s essential not to overlook the power of traditional marketing methods. EDDM marketing offers CPAs a cost-effective, targeted, and highly visible way to connect with potential clients within their local community. 
By harnessing the benefits of EDDM, CPAs can enhance their brand recognition, attract new clients, and achieve a competitive edge in their industry. Incorporating EDDM marketing into the overall marketing strategy can prove to be a beneficial tool for CPAs striving for success in today’s dynamic business environment.

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