The Ultimate Logo
Design Tune-Up

How One Multi-Location Tire & Auto Shop’s Logo Upgrade
Helped Pave Their Brand’s Roadmap Into The Future

Wiygul Automotive Clinic

Wiygul Automotive Clinic is a third generation, 40+ year old family-owned tire & auto business with (8) eight retail locations in Northern Virgina and Maryland area. Always looking for ways to attract new customers, the Wiygul family decided that after nearly (4) four decades it was high time for a brand tune up! As a first step, they partnered with Conceptual Minds for a logo upgrade, and boy, were they excited with the final product, ideal to bring the new generation of savvy DC area customers to their shop(s).

The Goals

Together, the Conceptual Minds and Wiygul Automotive Clinic teams joined forces to create a new logo worthy of the Wiygul family name that stands out in the noisy DC market. After assessing the competition and the target customer pool, the joint team came up with (4) four goals for the ultimate logo tune-up. Check them out below and keep reading to find out how we met and exceed expectations for each goal!
Group 3816

Design a one-of-a-kind logo that cuts through
the noise

Group 3817

Design a timeless and memorable logo, that’s
easy to evolve and animate in the future

Group 3818

Create a logo design that’s easy to read and
looks great everywhere, on any channel or

Group 3819

Create an auto specific logo that conveys both
vehicle service & tire retail

The Process

Here are the (3) three steps that the Conceptual Minds team took to get from start to finish of the ultimate logo tune-up – how we helped Wiygul Automotive Clinic meet and exceed each of the (4) four goals we laid out!

Step 1

The Conceptual Minds team started by getting to know the Wiygul family and their organization. We focused on learning more about their goals, customers, and the challenges they were experiencing with their current logo. This allowed us to understand exactly how the Wiyguls wanted to be remembered by their customers and the type of logo that would be ideal to help shape that impression.

Step 2

Our savvy design team created several logo versions for the Wiygul Automotive Clinic team to react to and select based on our initial assessment and the goals we came up with together.

Here's a quick video showcasing the different logo options Conceptual Minds presented to the Wiygul Automotive Clinic team.
Step 3

Our team worked with the Wiygul Automotive Clinic team to select elements they liked and what they thought best represented their business and would connect with their customers.

Here's a snapshot of Conceptual Minds worked to identify and include key elements of the Wiygul Automotive Clinic brand into their new logo design.
Step 4

Conceptual Minds took the feedback from the Wiygul Automotive Clinic team, played with space around and between the icon featured in the logo to come up with something pretty darn cool!

Here's the full transformation showcasing the Wiygul Automotive Clinic logo before and after the tune-up!

The Final

All that work, it definitely didn’t go to waste! Together, Conceptual Minds and the Wiygul Automotive Clinic team came up with a logo that checked off all (4) four goals we set out to accomplish.

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