The Linear TV Advertising Guide for Auto Shop Owners

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In the age of digital marketing, it might seem counterintuitive to turn to traditional media for advertising. However, for auto repair and tire shops, linear TV advertising remains a powerful and cost-effective tool to reach a broad and diverse audience.

Let’s delve into what linear TV advertising is, why it remains relevant, and how auto repair and tire shops can leverage it effectively for great ROI.

Understanding Linear TV Advertising

Linear TV advertising refers to traditional television advertising where content is broadcasted in a scheduled and linear manner. Viewers watch programs at specific times on specific channels, and advertisements are interspersed within this scheduled programming.

Unlike streaming services or on-demand video platforms, linear TV doesn’t allow viewers to skip ads easily, ensuring that commercials are seen by a captive audience.

The Resilience of Linear TV

Despite the surge in digital and streaming platforms, linear TV still boasts impressive viewership. According to Nielsen, as of 2023, traditional TV viewership remains strong, particularly among older demographics who are more likely to own cars and require auto repair services. This makes linear TV a valuable medium for targeting a key customer base for auto repair and tire shops.

Cost-Effectiveness of Linear TV Advertising

Demographic Targeting

Linear TV allows for demographic targeting based on the programming schedule. For example, placing ads during local news broadcasts or during automotive-related shows can ensure that the advertisements reach individuals who are more likely to need auto repair services.

Case in Point: Autotrader noticed a large group of people were missing from their targeted marketing. To fix it, they made the most significant change to their marketing strategy in the company’s history. Learn more here.

Broad Reach at Lower Cost

One of the primary advantages of linear TV advertising is its ability to reach a large and diverse audience at a relatively lower cost compared to some digital advertising methods. Local TV ads, in particular, can be quite affordable and can effectively target specific geographic areas where an auto repair shop’s potential customers reside.

High Impact

TV ads are more likely to be viewed than digital ads, which are often skipped or blocked. The visual and auditory elements of TV commercials can create a lasting impact, making viewers more likely to remember the advertised service when the need arises.

Case in Point: Starring Jean Claude Van Damme, this ad generated over $170 million in global revenue for Volvo, and was seen by over 40 million people in just nine days after it was initially launched. It is still regarded as one of Volvo’s best commercials. Learn more here.

Local Market Penetration

For auto and tire shops, local market penetration is crucial. Linear TV ads on local stations can effectively target a specific geographic area, ensuring that the message reaches potential customers who are within driving distance of the shop.

Strategies for Effective Linear TV Advertising

Compelling Storytelling

The effectiveness of a TV commercial largely depends on its ability to tell a compelling story. For your auto repair or tire shop, this could involve showcasing customer testimonials, highlighting the shop’s expertise and reliability, or demonstrating the quality of services provided.

Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Every ad should include a clear call to action, whether it’s visiting the shop, calling for an appointment, or checking out a website for more information. Providing a memorable phone number or website URL can help drive immediate responses.

Leverage Local Testimonials

Featuring local customers in the ads can build trust and credibility. Potential customers are more likely to trust a service recommended by their peers in the community.

Consistency and Frequency

Repetition is key in advertising. Consistently running ads over a period of time helps in building brand recognition and recall. A well-planned media schedule can ensure that the ads are seen by your target audience multiple times.

Case in Point: Atturo tires has launched a new series of TV ads that focuses on a friendly tire salesman named Atturo Andy who is always there when a customer is in need. They combined it with a social media and billboard marketing campaign. Learn more here.

Seasonal Promotions

Auto repair and tire shops can take advantage of seasonal trends. For instance, promoting winter tire services before the onset of winter or offering special deals during the summer travel season can attract more customers.

Measuring the Success of TV Advertising

To ensure the effectiveness of TV advertising, it’s important to measure its impact. Here are a few ways to track the success of linear TV ads:

Tracking Customer Inquiries

Ask new customers how they heard about the shop. This can provide direct feedback on whether your TV ads are driving traffic.

Website Traffic Analysis

Monitor traffic on your website during the ad campaign. A spike in visits during the time the ads are airing can indicate a successful campaign.

Sales Data

Compare sales data before, during, and after the ad campaign. An increase in sales during the campaign period can be a good indicator of the ad’s effectiveness.

Use Unique Codes

Offering a discount code unique to the TV ad can help track how many customers are responding to the ad specifically.

Linear TV advertising remains a cost-effective and powerful medium for auto repair and tire shops looking to reach a broad and diverse audience. Its ability to target local markets, combined with the high impact of TV commercials, makes it an invaluable tool for businesses in the automotive service industry.

By crafting compelling ads, ensuring consistent and frequent placements, and measuring the campaign’s success, shops can maximize their advertising ROI and drive significant business growth. As digital advertising continues to evolve, linear TV maintains its relevance by offering a trusted and impactful way to connect with potential customers.

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