Increase Orders, Auto Repair Leads, With a High-Converting Landing Page

Highly Converting Auto Service Landing Page
Generate auto repair leads rapidly with a high-converting landing page.

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Is your auto shop currently running PPC ads or sending email campaigns? If so, you should also be creating custom landing pages. A well-designed landing page can help connect the user to your brand and ultimately help increase volume of orders.

What is a Landing Page?


A landing page is any web page that an internet user can visit or “land” on. The landing page goal could be: promoting a sale, a new store location, or targeting a specific car, tire or demographic.

How Does a Landing Page Support Auto Shop Ads?

Instead of directing visitors to your general website (where they may have a hard time finding what they’re looking for), you can direct them to a custom landing page that will guide them in the direction you want them to take.

Each PPC, email, or auto shop ad campaign you create can have ads that go to a landing page with content that ties into that ad. You can even test different offers to see which ones attract the most attention.

Overall, a custom-landing page is meant to convert better. On average, good e-commerce landing pages should convert 3 to 5 times better than its competitors. According to research conducted by Wordstream, an average landing page converts at less than 1% yet top 25% of the landing pages are converting at 5.3% or higher! This means that a good page can generate 5-times more orders than an average page.


Here are some possible campaigns you could run for auto repair lead generation:

  • Tire Brands – Focus on providing information and prices for tires for a specific brand only. Example: Goodyear tires. This type of campaign can ensure that you are connecting quickly with users that are seeking that specific brand of tire and they are able to see pricing and transact quickly. As some of you know, Tire manufacturers such as Goodyear are now offering the ability to directly connect their user to a retailer in the user’s geographical region in order to help improve a conversion. This type of strategy is not only convenient for the user but also helps the retailers convert at higher than average rates!
  • Campaigns for Women – Women often feel intimidated or worried they will be taken advantage of when visiting an auto repair shop. Create a landing page that communicates your auto shops business integrity, use imagery with women and testimonials given by women (and even include a headshot, if possible!)
  • Vehicle Brands – Use keywords that target specific brands of vehicles you specialize working on. (You can also exclude makes that you don’t service.) People often search for auto repair shops that specialize in servicing the type of vehicle they own. Create a landing page that reflects knowledge and expertise, use imagery with logos and content specific to the brand of vehicle.
  • Vehicle Types – Similar to vehicle brands, you can also target specific car types, for example: sports cars, Jeeps, trucks, Japanese cars, etc.
  • Service/Repair Specials – Running a special brake promotion? Want to offer cheap oil changes to get new customers in the bay? Anything you service or repair can be a special and become a campaign!
  • Store Locations – If you have multiple auto shops, you can geo-target an area and ad. Give the landing page a local feel and include testimonials from customers in the area.

How Should a Landing Page be Built?


Once the goal of your landing page is defined, there are several factors that you should consider.

Collecting Auto Repair Leads Requires a Strong Call to Action  

This is the most important part of any landing page. Your call to action should be specifically tied to your goal, and should be supported by everything else on your landing page, from headline, content, images, and layout. 

So, talk about a special offer that you may be running for the consumer or a custom tire offer that helps you stand out in a crowd.

Keeping Your Landing Page Simple (Like the Copy of Your Auto Repair Ads)

Landing pages need to be greatly simplified compared to other web pages. This is because landing pages have a very specific goal and shouldn’t include anything extra that might distract your visitors and prevent them from converting. 

So, don’t have a bunch of links that lead people away from this page, try to minimize and completely eliminate social links that take people away to other social properties, etc.

Making Your Auto Repair Landing Page Clear & Concise 

It’s pretty safe to assume that most of the people who visit your landing page are already interested in what you have to say, because they’ve likely clicked through from a PPC ad or email. But just because they’re interested when they arrive doesn’t mean they’ll stay interested if you don’t get to the point. 

Tell your visitors what they want to know in as few words as possible; this will allow them to react to your call to action as quickly as possible. For an auto service specific landing page for example, we encourage you to tell more about that specific service, when and why they should consider having it done, and why they should do business with your shop v. a competitor. These elements are all important to a user as they consider a provider.

Include a Branded Offer in Your Auto Repair Landing Page

Traditional offers that everyone else is also offering can be boring. Find a way to stand out! Unique offers can be the difference between average and the best!

In summary, here are 3 reasons why Conceptual Minds recommends using landing pages:

  1. They generate auto repair leads – You can capture leads at a higher rate by sending them to targeted landing pages.
  2. They help you better understand your customer – Every time someone completes a conversion on a landing page, you are able to collect information about them. You can use this information to understand what type of visitors are converting.
  3. They provide insight into your marketing efforts – Landing pages can help you track and analyze your PPC and email marketing campaigns. They are a great way to help optimize and improve your marketing efforts.

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