How to Use Segmented Emails to Grow Tire & Auto Repair Shop Car Counts

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As the premier marketing coaches for auto repair shops, we’re often talking about how email marketing can play an important role in an auto shop’s marketing strategy. Email marketing is always a great tool in the toolbox because it offers significant results at low cost. And with the right strategy and messaging, it can significantly boost car count.

However, before you jump in and start sending generic e-blasts to your entire mailing list, there are some nuances to know. Segmenting your emails, for example, involves a simple strategy that allows you to target your recipients in a unique way. If you’re looking for your emails to convert into booked service appointments, segmented emails are the way to go. Today, we’ll share all the insights you need to know about what they are, how they work, and how to implement the best segmented email strategy for your tire and auto shop.

What does it mean to segment your auto repair shop emails?

Over time, your auto repair shop will accumulate a list of hundreds or thousands of customer email addresses, newsletter opt-ins, and email subscribers. That list can be a gold mine when you create a winning strategy for email marketing. Today’s consumers are fickle and constantly bombarded with emails. So, they are most interested in receiving relevant information that is directly related to them and their vehicles. Therefore, sending the same message or offer in a cookie-cutter template isn’t going to be as effective as email segmentation.

Segmentation involves dividing that email list into smaller pools based on various criteria. Segmented email lists are customized using customer insights and preferences, allowing you to then personalize email messages you send. The most common segments include separating customer emails by geographic location, purchase histories, and interests. And you’ll want to use customer-related data to help you segment them into these unique categories.

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Why is email segmentation important to your auto repair shop car count?

Email segmentation is a powerful technique to help you make the most of every email marketing campaign you launch. When you divide your massive list into more targeted segments, you can then deliver more customized offers and value-packed messaging to your recipients. And personalization can significantly boost response by  

  • Increase customer engagement with personalized emails, building trust.
  • Inspire customers to come back, booking with you for more routine maintenance services.
  • Improve customer loyalty by sharing promotions, discounts, and savings on car care services.
  • Invite referrals from existing customers with incentives.

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What are some examples of email segmentation categories for tire and auto shops?

Start by reviewing the customer data for those on your auto repair shop’s email list. Separate them into the following example categories:

  • Demographics: gender, family size, vehicle type, etc.
  • Marketing preferences: text, email, phone calls, etc.
  • Sales funnel stage: past purchase histories, past engagements, etc.
  • Geographic location: based on proximity to your repair shop(s).
  • Buying preferences: distinguish by total spending, frequency of service, identifying the budget-friendly, convenience-driven, and service-oriented.
  • Emails to those who engage with specific promotions.

For example, sending a customer who just bought new tires from you an offer on another set of new tires isn’t going to convert. However, sending a tire offer email to someone who’s due for new tires will. Here are a few other segmented email examples for inspiration:

  • Send newly added or subscribed recipients welcome emails, or first-time customer offers.
  • Celebrate customer birthdays for the month with a special incentive or offer.
  • Reward loyal customers with email offers of “celebratory” savings on their next visit.
  • Send special offers to customers who haven’t had their vehicles serviced with you over the last year.
  • Email segmented messages about vehicle service bulletins specific to their vehicle.
  • Based on past car service histories and vehicle models, email reminders about pickup/drop off services, oil change reminders, tire rotations, batteries reaching the end of their life, tire tread reaching end of life, etc.

Personalizing customer communications matters and Conceptual Minds can help.

Today’s auto repair shops need better intel and marketing strategies to stand out from the heavily competitive auto service repair industry. A segmented email strategy with your email marketing is just one of the methods to improve the effectiveness of every email message you send. Want more email marketing tips? Check out this deep-dive article about Auto Repair Shop Email List Management!

Come back to the Conceptual Minds blog series for ACTUAL advice and BIG ideas you can use to fast-track your tire and auto shop’s growth. CM is the premier marketing coach for the auto repair service industry, and our marketing strategies are transforming brands and boosting bottom lines!

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