How often should my auto repair shop run promotional marketing campaigns?

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There is no single best answer for how often you should run promotional marketing campaigns. If your promotions are effectively developed, the more, the better. However, the frequency of your auto repair shop marketing campaigns will ultimately depend on your earning goals, budget, marketing strategy, and local market competitiveness.

But, if you’re not running enough promotional marketing campaigns, you’re missing out on one of the more effective methods of differentiating your tire and auto repair shop. And it’s likely costing you business in the longer term.



Benefits of regular promotional campaigns for tire & auto businesses

When it comes to differentiating your tire and auto shop in the minds of your target customers, promotional marketing campaigns executed regularly can be game-changers. More frequent auto repair shop marketing campaigns can increase car counts and build favorable brand awareness.


What we mean is –> Promotional marketing campaigns are the PROVEN way to generate buzz about your shop. They help your business create FRESH momentum with your target customers that legitimately SEPARATES you from the pack. This type of differentiator allows you to step away from the “race-to-the-bottom discounts” grind your competitors love to run!


Forbes stats about promotional marketing

According to Forbes and an IBM Study


Personalizing your marketing campaigns is one thing. But experiential marketing, or the campaign used to create “experiences” with your shop outside of auto repair, is HUGE.

The biggest stigma your shop faces in marketing is overcoming a general distrust within the industry. To do just that, start creating opportunities for people to engage with your business, NOT related to tires, oil changes, or service.


What we mean is –> Create contests, host blood drives, and sponsor pets at the local shelter. Involve your shop with other causes or activities that already have positive meaning with your local customers.


What makes an auto repair shop promotion work?

Don’t rush a promotional marketing campaign without first applying a little strategy. Use the data you have about your existing customers and local market. Find out what they like, dislike, and do in their spare time for fun. These insights can help you develop promotions that you can use to customize your various repair shop promotions.

And then be sure to follow these tips:


marketing promotion social media capture


Don’t presume promotions have to come with auto repair coupons or discounts. Instead, build value with a memorable experience to offer.

Example: Hand out free chocolate (they are branded for your brand like the example above) for customers and guests who pop into your shop on Valentine’s Day. Promote it online as both a “treat yourself” and “treat someone special” opportunity for those who want to participate.


Image by Monica Abner from Pixabay -- grill out


Create stories and personality around your brand to humanize your shop and make it more attractive and trustworthy to customers.

Example: Start hosting regular BBQs throughout the summer, free for anyone who’s interested in stopping by for a bite. Maybe host a grill giveaway and drawing that you can promote both online and in-person as a “welcome summer” promotion.


Photo by RDNE Stock project: -- sweet tea promotion


Get creative with customer appreciation efforts. Continue engaging with those who already trust your service, building a loyal customer base and potential referral flow of business.

Example: June happens to also be National Candy Month, National Dairy Month, and National Iced Tea Month, according to Holiday Insights. Consider handing out free candy, setting up an ice cream social at your shop, or serving delicious, iced tea for visiting customers.


Photo by FRANK MERIÑO: -- blood drive


Create promotions that demonstrate your tire and auto shop’s credibility in the local community as a resource, supporter, and contributor.

Example: Be a regular host of area blood drives, encouraging people to stop by and donate blood. You can offer your comfortable waiting area as a post-donation hangout with snacks and give away small prizes or host drawings for participants.


Photo by Kampus Production: -- flowers promotion


Use promotions to boost your shop’s services by partnering with other businesses.

Example: Partner with your local flower shop to offer a drive-away bouquet of flowers with repair service customers for Mother’s Day.


Knowing when to run promotions

So, getting back to “how often should I run promotions,” – the more frequent, the better. Here are some other promotion examples, based on timing, seasonality, and special occasions.

Promote your tire services during the summer months, as part of a vacation-ready package that maybe includes a free trunk-friendly first aid kit and a drive-thru dining gift card.


Image by Booth Kates from Pixabay


Get in on the fun and flashy dress-up of Kentucky Derby season and create a social media promotion for people to share their “best Derby looks” as part of a contest or giveaway.


Based on your shop’s location, tie promotions in with local and/or major league sporting events. Home opener parties, rally towel giveaways, and club sponsorships can put your brand on the minds of thousands of sports fans every season.


Take advantage of seasonal opportunities to show off your trusted expertise. For example, offer the community a place to have their tire pressure checked for free or replenish windshield wiper fluid. As AutoLeap shares, winter is a great time to be THE trusted service for all kinds of winter, driving-related auto repairs. Check out these percentages representing the likelihood of part failure during the winter months and get creative with your promotions to capitalize on them:


Most Common Auto Repair Jobs to Base Your Promotions on This Winter

    • 30% Windshield wiper motor replacement
    • 32% Windshield washer motor replacement
    • 32% Oil cooler line troubles
    • 40% Heater failures
    • 30% Headlight replacement


Ready to amplify your auto repair shop’s offers and bank serious results? Contact our Marketing Coaches, and let’s step up your promotional marketing game this year!

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