How much does Podium cost? See pricing here.

Value of Podium

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How much does Podium cost? We’ve got pricing here for you.

So, you’re wondering, “How much does Podium cost?”

We’ve gathered the pricing of the different tools Podium offers and created an easy-to-reference table below.

Let us first give you a quick summary of all the tools that Podium offers (their offerings continue to grow pretty rapidly!).

Reviews – Build your company’s reputation by getting more reviews from your customers on the sites that matter most to consumers who are thinking about doing business wiHow much does Podium cost?th you. Look better online and increase your chances of being found on Google.

Messenger – Directly communicate with your customers via the most direct platforms, text message and email, all from one centralized place.

Insights – Gauge customer sentiment from your reviews to improve business operations and provide a better customer experience. Manage, track and report on all of your customer reviews and conversations.

Webchat – Improve live chat with customers and convert visitors into leads on your website.

Teamchat – Enable your team to collaborate and get more done—all from the same platform where you’re interacting with leads and customers.


Podium Cost: Pricing of Podium’s Tools

How Much Does Podium Cost?



If you have questions about the pricing or discounts above, our team of Podium experts is happy to talk with you today!

How much does Podium cost?


Podium Cost: Your Potential Results & The Value of Podium

Now that you’ve seen the cost of Podium, some of you may not be completely sold on the investment itself yet.

If you are one of those individuals, let us take a moment to show you the math on whether Podium could be a good fit for your business or not, based on data from some of Podium’s users!

How much does Podium cost?


How much does Podium cost?

Why Podium Is A Great Reviews Tool For Business Owners

If you are a portion of the business owners who might be thinking, “I could just handle reviews on my own and save myself the cost of the Podium software.”

Think about the times you’ve tried to put forth a concerted effort in asking customers for reviews via face-to-face-requests, email blasts or even in-store flyers. Did it work, or did you only get one or two reviews from all of that work?

Think about the time it takes to manually identify new reviews and respond to reviews, not to mention the time it takes to handle the customer’s problem (if/when there is one to manage).

If you already are receiving customer reviews online, are you efficiently managing them in an organized way, or are you constantly playing catch-up and responding to them only when you find a few minutes to get online?

As a business owner, your time is invaluable. The hours that you or your team spends manually managing reviews every day/week/month is time that could be better spent on recruiting and serving customers or other business-building activities. Or, God forbid, you take those free hours and spend them outside of work, like with that spouse that keeps telling you that you aren’t home enough! (Talk about making life easier …. Is there a “Hashtag Thanks Podium” out there yet? If not, we’re coining it!)

If you need more convincing, read the following article:


How much does Podium cost?


Ready To Do Reviews The Smart Way With Conceptual Minds?

Conceptual Minds, a reseller and partner of Podium, offers the following advantages to those interested in Podium:

  • Additional discounts not available to businesses that purchase directly from Podium (thanks to our buying power)
  • Team of trained experts readily available to answer your questions and assist as needed
  • Assistance with Podium set-up, initial training and pro tips for success
  • Troubleshooting and support from an agency that continues to help numerous businesses succeed with Podium

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How much does Podium cost?

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