How Does Local SEO for Auto Repair Differ from Traditional SEO for Auto Repair?

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An effective auto repair shop marketing strategy should focus on both traditional SEO and local SEO. Traditional SEO increases the volume and quality of organic traffic to your website. Local SEO for auto repair increases the visibility of your tire and auto repair shop in local searches.


Search Engine Optimization is defined as a strategic practice of orienting your auto repair shop’s website to rank higher on any search engine results pages (SERPs,) so online-searching customers will find (and choose) your shop first.

What Is Local SEO?

As an auto repair shop owner, your resources will be better spent investing in local SEO since your target audience of customers is generally centralized in your local market.

Key elements of local SEO include Google My Business Profile, local keyword searches, reviews, local backlinks, and local citations.



What Is Traditional SEO?

While local SEO is a primary focus for your tire and auto shop, it doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from traditional SEO.

Using traditional SEO methods in auto repair shop marketing helps improve your website’s search engine performance. This type of SEO boosts the organic traffic to your website. Essentially, traditional SEO performance increases the authority and visual presence of your tire and auto shop.

Key elements of traditional SEO include keyword targeting, backlink building, high-quality content, technical optimization, and on-page SEO optimization.


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Balancing Local and Traditional SEO

To have an effective auto repair shop marketing strategy, balance your traditional and local SEO efforts. Leveraging the unique differences and similarities of both will elevate your auto repair shop’s overall online visibility, which is where most of your customers will go to find repair services.


Understanding What Differentiates Them

Traditional SEO focuses on the performance of your website in search engine results. Generally, traditional SEO is large scale, such as national or global. Local SEO focuses on search results performance for queries that are in a specific geographic area. Both types of SEO for auto repair use similar strategies but have some key differences in their performance algorithms and intended purpose.


Similarities: Local SEO is similar to traditional SEO because it improves your visibility and rank in searches.

Differences: Local SEO differs because it focuses on increasing your auto shop’s business listing visibility locally and car traffic to your physical shop locations.


By combining these two strategies, you create a comprehensive plan that will help your auto repair shop to generate increased website and in-person traffic for more car counts, revenue, and growth.

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