How Do I Set up a Google Ads Account for My Auto Repair Shop?

Google Ads for auto repair

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Set up Google Ads for your auto repair shop business by entering your business information, setting up your first campaign, and inputting your payment details.

Of course, setting up your auto shop’s Google Ads account alone doesn’t guarantee success. You’ll need to have a plan and marketing strategy, keywords, and brilliant CTAs. But more on that later.

For now, let’s answer your first question and establish your Google Ads account.


google ads - what's your goal


Step 1: Visit

Before creating an ads account on Google, you’ll need to create a Gmail account. You can use a personal Gmail account, but it’s best to have a business Gmail account for running auto repair shop ads. If you don’t already have an official Google account, visit, click “create an account,” and select “to manage a business.” Then, fill in your information and move on to Google Ads account creation.


Step 2: Choose Your Advertising Mode

Once you’ve set up a Gmail account for your tire and auto shop, log in and choose from the various options to identify your goal.

  1. Get more clicks and sign-ups on your website.
  2. Get more calls.
  3. Get more visits and customers for a physical store.

Choose your option and tick the relevant box. Next, you’ll see two different choices for Google Ad Campaigns:


Smart Campaign

This is the simplest form of Google Ads campaign that allows smart execution for auto repair shops. You’ll need to set goals, budget, and business targets first. The system will take care of the rest. Smart Campaigns typically require less manual effort to execute. And it’s referred to as the “smart” option because you’ll have real-time management and monitoring at more affordable rates.


Expert Mode

This mode is the professional variation of a Google Ads campaign, providing auto repair shop owners with all the advanced features, including keyword match types, bidding options, visual selections, and more. Expert mode is for savvy marketing professionals and helps them tailor every step according to their business and client search preferences.


auto repair on mobile


Step 3: Create an Account with or without a Campaign

Google provides business users the freedom to create AdWords accounts without having to run a campaign. You can use your account for:

  • Auto shop promotions
  • Increasing repair shop brand reach
  • Improving your online business reputation
  • Ongoing lead generation
  • Boosting website traffic

You can easily create a no-campaign account for your auto repair shop from the same website where you set up the other account. Also, you can use this same account for future campaigns without having to take any additional steps.


Step 4: Load up Your Auto Repair Shop Business Info

Navigate to the Google Ads website. There, you’ll enter your business information. This will include your auto repair shop’s name and website URL. Entering this information now will make it easier and faster to set up your ads campaign later, too. So, take the time to fill in all the pre-fills. Now’s the time to also link to any existing accounts. These might include your Google My Business profile and a YouTube channel.

Suggestion: if you need to have more than one person accessing your Google Ads, you can “invite” them later once you’ve signed in officially.


Google Ads ad copy


Step 5: Complete Your Billing Details

To activate your first campaign, you will need to enter payment details. This is the account that Google will bill. Select your billing country, territory, and time zone from the drop-down menus. From here, you will select “Create a new payment profile.” Enter the information for your payment method. Finish account setup by clicking “Submit” and confirming that your payment profile is set up. Depending on your chosen objective, you will be guided through the rest of the steps to set up your campaign. However, it generally includes setting up a bidding strategy, targeting keywords, and defining a target audience.

The next step will be to create your ad copy. It should be compelling and help you achieve your chosen objective. Try to use a strong call to actions that tell people to do a desired action. The final step is to publish your new ads.


Google Ads for Auto Repair

With your business information entered, a campaign started, and payment information set up, Google Ads for your auto repair business is set up and ready for use.

Now, the more strategic plan comes into play, and where we find auto repair shops need the most help. Google Ads may be easy to set up and simple to activate. But getting the clicks, booked service calls, and new customer appointments requires more precision.

Trust us and our 90-day PPC performance guarantee! If we can’t make improvements within 90 days, we’ll refund your investment!

Conceptual Minds 90 day guarantee

Contact our Marketing Coaches, and let’s get your Google Ads account set up and working for you!

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As veterans of the automotive industry, the Conceptual Minds team are experts at growing car counts through effective and personable marketing. If you are unsure of your current marketing strategy and would like some guidance, contact us today.

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