How Can Auto Repair Shops Leverage YouTube?

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Auto repair shops can showcase their services with winning videos on YouTube. Even if you think you’re camera shy, check out these PROVEN video marketing campaigns, perfect for boosted visibility on YouTube and resulting in more customers to your shop.

Videos are in. Static pics and social media text aren’t going to grab customer attention alone like they once did.


Attention spans.


Sprout Video & OneDay 2024


We’re trained, as consumers, to skim and scroll on our devices quickly until something relevant catches our attention. Tap into this prevalent consumer behavior with videos – more specifically, video content that can live on YouTube.

Auto repair shops can significantly grow their community and online presence by adding video marketing to their content marketing plans. YouTube is a great platform where all your auto repair videos and commercials can live. Think of it as your video library. And from there, you can cross-promote specific videos on your other channels, including social media, paid ads, and your website.

Before you toss your hands up and say, “There’s no way I’m getting on video,” or “My shop doesn’t have the budget for video equipment and editing,” keep reading. Today, we’re sharing creative video ideas that you can use RIGHT NOW to boost car counts. And, PS, we can help create your video marketing strategy for use on all your revenue driving channels, including paid ads, television, and YouTube.

Get creative and see if any of these genius video ideas make sense for your tire and auto shop!

Check out how A1 Auto does repair tips.


Car Care How-To Tutorials

We live in a DIY culture, and your customers are going to watch YouTube videos to troubleshoot car care issues and to find answers to their questions. Of course, you don’t want them to try and tackle auto repairs on their own. But with a strong video marketing strategy, your videos can pop up in those searches and drive more vehicle owners through your service bays. How-to tutorials about auto maintenance and best practices are great for establishing your local authority, too.

Check out this “Day in the life” video from Alex, The Car Doctor.

Behind the Scenes at the Shop

As a society, we’re nosy. We love inside scoops and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. Take advantage of this mass curiosity and create a series of videos featuring a day in the life of an auto shop. Familiarize your potential customers with where to park, what to expect in your waiting room, and friendly faces coming and going.

Making behind-the-scenes videos is an opportunity to create transparency for your auto repair shop, too. These videos build trust in consumers by showing them how professionally your shop is run. And these types of videos are evergreen, meaning you can repurpose and share them all year long.

Watch this auto repair testimonial video example from Wiygul Automotive Clinic.


Local Customer Testimonials

People are more likely to trust another customer’s word over the auto repair shop’s marketing materials. Creating customer testimonials is a perfect method for creating credible and relatable videos that build trust in viewers.

Talk to some of our favorite and most loyal customers. Reach out to those past customers who’ve already left positive online reviews for your shop. And create videos that share these LOCAL stories, either as personally narrated testimonials or graphically visual depictions of them.


Celebrate Your Auto Repair Staff

Featuring the people who work hard at your auto repair shop gives a face to the brand. This makes it more relatable, local, and personable. Viewers are more likely to trust an auto repair shop when they see the people who work there.

Creating videos that celebrate your teams, like birthdays or work anniversaries, has other benefits, too. Staff-inspired video campaigns are GREAT for employee retention since they demonstrate your appreciation. Employees are more likely to feel valued and a part of the team.

Check out how Petit’s Auto & Performance does Q&A session videos.


Automotive Q&A Sessions

Whether pre-filmed and posted or done through a live feed, automotive Q&A sessions are great to engage with your local community audience. Directly answering people’s questions builds trust and authority by showcasing the knowledge of the auto repair shop’s staff. The videos can become valuable resources for customers searching online for answers, too.


Tips for Creating a Winning YouTube Video Strategy for Your Auto Repair Shop

If you’re already executing a media ad campaign with commercials, make sure they’re on your shop’s YouTube channel. However, if you don’t already have videos to post, Search Engine Journal outlines some of the best practices when carving out your auto repair shop’s marketing strategy with YouTube videos. These include:

  • Know what your auto repair shop customers are looking for online.
  • Create a content roadmap of what you intend to film and share.
  • Produce videos and have others watch before posting, to make suggestions.
  • Schedule your videos and monitor viewership analytics.
  • Cross-promote your videos on other marketing channels for added visibility.


Also, breakdown your video content into three types:

  1. Help content: These videos intend to answer questions from searches online.
  2. Hub content: These videos are anchors that ask viewers to subscribe and come back often.
  3. Hero content: These videos are big announcements, and new-shiny-object messages with excitement.


Pro Tip: Keep your expectations rooted in reality.

Creating your own YouTube videos can boost your online presence and help improve SEO over time. It can also improve your website domain rank if these videos are embedded in your website (which we recommend). Videos can also help you bring incremental new visitors.

However, don’t expect a landslide of customers with this strategy. Before you begin creating videos, SEO research is important to see what kind of information consumers are seeking in your local area and then create videos around that topic.


Most importantly – balancing this strategy with other strategies that are likely to bring in customers faster is important. Video strategy should not be a substitute for direct ROI channels such as Google ads, Direct Mail, etc.

If you are not maximizing those opportunities first, we highly recommend you double down in those areas before making substantive investments of time and money in a video strategy.


Of course, the branding strategy of telling people you exist in the marketplace by using targeted video commercials is also a terrific, longer-term strategy. This can potentially generate better ROI, and if you need help with it, our team is certainly here to assist!

Already airing media commercials for your shop? Make sure they’re on YouTube, like this.


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