Have You Seen These 2019 Super Bowl Commercials?

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Have you seen the upcoming 2019 Super Bowl commercials yet? Read on for some great commercials we’ve curated for you — hot cars, good humor, and celebrities all abound. Don’t forget to comment and tell us which Big Game ad was your favorite. (Our office pick for funniest pre-game commercial release is at the bottom!)



Even Harrison Ford can’t keep up with all of the great new developments coming from Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa.


Dietz & Watson

Feelin’ like a snack?


Ram Trucks

Ram makes a relevant point about Super Bowl commercials in its own pre-Super Bowl commercial.


Ram Trucks (Big Game Teaser)

Ram did so well with their 2019 Super Bowl commercials that they get two mentions here. Check out this ad that pays homage to the state where the Big Game’s happening this year.



Well hey, Tony Romo.



Christina Applegate needs a chocolate fix for dealing with the naughty passengers in her backseat.


Stella Artois

Not pictured in the preview below: The Dude from The Big Lebowski. (We’re still cracking up at his pronunciation of “Artois.”)



The long-running official NFL sponsor didn’t fail to delight.


Mr. Peanut

This legume’s still got it. That’s all we’ll say.



Find out what a screaming good time a famous horror films actress has been having with her skin care.

The Conceptual Minds Pick of 2019 Pre-Released Super Bowl Commercials

Finally, the moment you’ve been longing for — when you can finally find out which pre-game commercial release made the office mates of Conceptual Minds chortle and snicker the most:


You just can’t beat the dry humor of Jason Bateman paired with the joy and nostalgia of certain life events. Enjoy!


Ready for some Big Game nostalgia? Check out the Top 5 Super Bowl Ads of the last 5 years.

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