The Challenge

Gatto’s Tire & Auto Service is a forward thinking aftermarket retail automotive organization with 7 auto service facilities in the central Florida market. Until 2016, the organization had leveraged traditional media channels such as print and TV to create awareness and grow the business. However, like most business owners, their team had been hearing about digital marketing and how it can have a significant impact on their business. So, Gatto’s team embarked on a mission to test if digital marketing could work for their family owned business.

The Solution

Gatto’s management and Conceptual Minds team came together and identified Pay per clicking marketing as an opportunity that could help the company achieve its goals. This is primarily because Pay per click marketing is best suited (if done correctly) to go after buyers that are currently shopping for your product and/or service. It’s also highly trackable so a business can have a very good idea of exactly how their money is working for them.

Conceptual Minds was selected for their PPC effort several reasons:

  • Experience – We have over 10 years experience creating successful, effective and engaging campaigns for automotive aftermarket industry
  • Results Oriented Data – We have proven keyword data from managing over $4 Million in PPC campaigns
  • Business Savvy – Strong understanding of key factors that can drive improvements for auto businesses
  • Customer First, ROI Focused Approach – Simply said, we try really hard not to waste any of our clients’ money!

Our team took advantage of our significant auto repair industry knowledge to create targeted ads that would generate interest from in the market buyers.

Early results have been very promising!

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