Considering Podium for Reviews? See Our Guide On Deciding If Podium Is Worth Your Money


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Your Potential Podium Results: Average Revenue Increase Seen From Podium’s Review Management Software

Your Potential Podium Results

So, you’re aware of what Podium is and how it works, but maybe you’re not totally sold on the idea that your company needs Podium. Why spend the money when some of this reviews management stuff can be DIY (do-it-yourself), right?

That’s a perfectly logical thought. Frankly, we applaud your choice to further investigate whether Podium really is a good fit for your reviews strategy, instead of investing first and then realizing that the software didn’t achieve the desired results — at the expense of your hard-earned dollars — or simply not investing because of the initial uncertainty of whether the product will help you achieve the desired results.

Whether you’re a business owner/CEO at the helm of your marketing or whether you’re someone who’s been tasked with making a reliable recommendation for online reviews management, we’re going to break down the math of the typical results seen by businesses from using Podium with the goal of equipping you with knowledge that helps you decide if this tool is worth your marketing dollars.

Let’s Talk Money: Results Seen From Podium

Today, Podium, Inc. tells us its reviews management and review collection software users see an average of 6 percent annual revenue increase.

So, we can take this a step further and show you a hypothetical return-on-investment (ROI), given this potential annual revenue increase. Below we’ll show you examples of what the average annual revenue increase seen from Podium could look like in terms of ROI for different types of businesses.

But first, here’s a quick glance at pricing of Podium’s different tools and their available discounts:

Your Potential Podium Return

ROI Calculation For Podium

Calculating a return-on-investment (ROI) percentage from any investment goes like this:

Net Profit / Total Investment x 100 = ROI percentage

Now, without further ado, here’s what a potential result from Podium could look like for a few different kinds of businesses with varying annual revenue and number of locations, given the 6% average annual revenue increase seen from Podium and the cost of the core Podium software, which is their Reviews, Messenger and Insights bundle.

Please note the difference in business types, revenue and locations:


Your Potential Podium Return


Based on this calculation, it seems that Podium is a good investment. We’d encourage you to substitute the data above with your own company numbers and tell us if the number looks attractive to you!

Ready to invest in Podium and leave your competition in the dust on Google and Facebook? Click the button below to discuss a Podium investment at a discounted rate!

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Of course, please understand that the calculation above is based on averages and data provided by Podium. We’d love to hear if you have a business that has invested in Podium and if so, whether you have seen a positive ROI from your investment in Podium. Comment below!

Conceptual Minds is a partner and reseller of the Podium reviews and customer interaction management platform. We proudly work with our clients on their online presence through reviews generated by Podium because we know their investment in Podium’s software will likely yield a positive result for their business.


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