The Minor Website Tune-Up
with Major Results

How One Multi-Location Tire & Auto Shop
Boosted Online Sales Without Breaking the Bank

Daniels Tire Service

Daniels Tire Service is a family-owned tire and auto repair service business, serving Central California. Now run by the fourth generation of the Daniels family, the operation includes 14 personal and commercial vehicle service centers, and a Goodyear retread plant.Their forward-thinking ownership is constantly looking for ways to improve the business, especially when it comes to turbocharging tire sales, without breaking the bank. With the help of Conceptual Minds, Daniels Tire Service was able to do just that by transforming their website into a selling machine – without making major changes and opting for a smaller marketing investment.

The Results

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increase in total online tire appointments booked after one year

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more website visitors reaching final tire price page after one year

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improvement in overall tire conversion rates after one year

The Fuel (Powering the Results)

What We Provided?
What We Delivered?
In-depth analysis of client's current website, focused on lead generation forms associated with tire sales
User friendly, consumer-data driven updates of website's tire search and appointment scheduling tools
Proven post-launch website optimization strategy to test and improve website updates
The Nuts and Bolts
The Challenge

Daniels Tire Service was experiencing very low tire appointment submission rates on their website.
So, they partnered with Conceptual Minds to help improve their website conversion rate for tire retail without making major changes (or breaking the bank).

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The Solution

Conceptual Minds investigated their website’s Google Analytics and conversion form data and then compared it against tire & auto website specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The team discovered a low number of tire appointments, a high drop off rate for website visitors researching tires, and few tire purchase conversions. To address these issues, Conceptual Minds improved the website’s call to action buttons and tire estimate form, making it easier for visitors to reach the final price for the tire(s) selected.

Why it

Maximizing website performance (as a tire shop’s top sales tool) is always about quality, but not always quantity (of upgrades, updates, changes, etc.) When it came to Daniels Tire Service’s challenge with limited online tire conversions (read sales) that was exactly the case. It all really came down to finding a marketing team with the right tools, parts, and expertise to diagnose and solve the exact issue – so the website could start running (and converting) at optimal speed.

That’s exactly what Conceptual Minds offered up – here’s three (3) ways how our website optimization pros helped transform Daniels Tire Service site from just okay to a tire selling machine:


Data-Driven Analysis, Effective Approach:

By taking a deep-dive into Daniels Tire Service website performance data, our team zeroed in on and addressed the specific issue causing consumers to abandon the tire sales conversion form too early without ever making an appointment.


The Right Changes, The Right Results:

Using the consumer behavior we uncovered plus our 12+ years of expertise servicing tire & auto shop websites, our team knew how to make the right changes from adjusting call to actions buttons to removing unnecessary steps that maximized the Daniels Tire Service website conversion potential for tire sales.


Ongoing Monitoring, Ongoing Success:

Our team didn’t stop after executing the initial changes to Daniels Tire Service website, instead we tested and optimized each update to ensure it offered the most possible improvement to the site’s overall conversation rate.

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