Making the Right Impression
Where It Matters Most:

How One Multi-Location Tire & Auto Shop
Turbocharged their Online Reputation

Daniels Tire Service

Daniels Tire Service is a family-owned tire and auto repair service business, serving Central California. Now run by the fourth generation of the Daniels family, the operation includes 14 personal and commercial vehicle service centers, and a Goodyear retread plant. Their forward-thinking ownership is constantly looking for ways to improve the business, especially when it comes to maximizing leads, purchase rates, and of course, revenue. With the help of Conceptual Minds, Daniels Tire Service did just that by supercharging their online review volume – and making the right impression where 97% of consumers make their buying decision!

The Results

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increase in review volume across 7 locations in 17 months


new online reviews generated in 17 months


new total average star rating (0.3 increase) in 17 months

The Fuel (Powering the Results)

What We Provided?
What We Delivered?
In-depth analysis of client's current online reputation and review generation process
Set up and management of proven text-based mobile review generation platform
Monitoring and optimization of review request messaging and engagement tactics
The Nuts and Bolts
The Challenge

Daniels Tire Service saw an opportunity to improve and ultimately maximize their review request process. They wanted to start generating more reviews from their customers on a regular basis. So, they enlisted Conceptual Minds to boost their total review volume, with the overall goal of increasing their star rating, google ranking, website visits, and online /lead generation.

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The Solution

Conceptual Minds team set up Daniels Tire Service with a text-based review generation tool that integrated with their customer relationship management (CRM) system and Google. This allowed their team to send automated, timely review requests. As a result, their customers got an easy, immediate way to write reviews directly from their mobile phones in an under a minute!

Why it

Whether you’re an auto service provider like Daniels Tire Service, or any business really, when it comes to bringing today’s consumers to you, online reputation matters big time. That’s why regular, effective review generation is key. You just can’t maximize your online reputation (and get the boost in leads and customers that it brings) without a constant flurry of online reviews. Today’s consumers want to see at least ten (10) reviews before they trust a business and 44% expect at least one of those reviews to be published in the last month.

That’s exactly what Conceptual Minds helped Daniels Tire Service achieve – here’s three (3) ways how our mobile review platform, strategy, and support helped turbocharge their review count and star rating:


More Convenience, More Reviews:

With access to a mobile, automated platform, Daniels Tire Service could now offer customers the fastest and easiest way to review their auto service (via text message). It’s a no-brainer why reviews started pouring in.


Better Approach, Better Results:

Daniels Tire Service went from requesting reviews (mostly in-person or by email) every once in a while, to a proven, automated process that asked for reviews at the right time, in the right place! If you think about it, it would have actually been harder for them not to get better results.


Ongoing Support, Ongoing Success:

With Conceptual Minds, Daniels Tire Service got way more out of a newly launched online review mobile tool than they could have on their own (e.g., more message customization, more individualized support). As a result, they actually saw more and more success as they went.

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