Putting The PPC
Pedal To The Metal

How One Multi-Location Tire & Auto Shop
Fueled Lead Volume and Cost Savings

Tires Plus North Dakota

Tires Plus North Dakota (ND) is a family owned and operated tire & auto service business with (3) three retail locations in North Dakota. Their forward-thinking ownership is constantly looking for ways to improve the business, especially when it comes to turbocharging leads, while keeping costs low. With the help of Conceptual Minds, Tires Plus ND was able to do just that by putting the PPC (pay-per-click) pedal to metal – maximizing both lead volume and marketing dollars!

The Results

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increase in phone & web leads in the first 8 months

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reduction in cost per good lead in the first 8 months

The Fuel (Powering the Results)

What We Provided?
What We Delivered?
In-depth analysis of past and ongoing Google Ad campaigns and the local search landscape
Proven PPC strategy built to attract auto service consumer targeted by Tires Plus ND
PPC campaign development and management optimized for each Tires Plus ND location
The Nuts and Bolts
The Challenge

Tires Plus ND was already running Google Ad campaigns with another provider for the tire side of the business. To ensure they were getting the most out of their PPC investment, they hired Conceptual Minds along with (2) two other agencies to run campaigns for their auto services side. The marketing provider that helped bring in the most leads would be selected as their PPC new partner.

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The Solution

Conceptual Minds started with a deep dive of the online search landscape focusing on local “read to buy” consumers seeking tires and vehicle maintenance within Tires Plus ND’s target service areas. Using those insights plus our team’s automotive PPC expertise and tried/tested tactics, we launched (3) three auto service specific Google Ad campaigns for each Tire Plus ND shop. Within the first few months, our results beat out the competing agencies, so much so, that we also were able to take over (and maximize) the on-going tire retail PPC campaign.

Why it

Getting the PPC results that the Tires Plus ND ownership wanted for their business required a certain type of partner agency. First, they needed master PPC marketers specializing in digital advertising for the tire & auto service industry. Second, Tires Plus ND needed a hands-on approach that didn’t stop short after each Google Ad campaign was launched and kept the needs/goals/target customers of each unique retail locations in mind. 

That’s exactly what Conceptual Minds offered up – here’s three (3) ways how our team rose to the challenge and got Tires Plus ND the biggest bang for his PPC bucks:


Better Strategy, Better Results:

Tires Plus ND went from focusing on campaign development and execution to taking an overarching big picture approach that aimed to maximize their entire PPC investment. As a result, any/all of their campaigns now focus on attracting the specific vehicle owners their shops are after and standing out from the competitors targeting the same consumers.


Greater Auto Expertise, Greater PPC Effectiveness:

Whether it’s creating ad copy that connects with the auto consumer or using proven performance indicators built for auto service providers, Tires Plus ND finally got the expertise they needed for PPC campaigns build for maximum performance.


More Campaign Monitoring, More Cost-Savings:

Tires Plus ND went from PPC providers assessing campaign performance every once in a while, or even setting/forgetting campaigns post launch to Conceptual Minds. That’s a team who not only obsessively checks how each PPC campaign is doing on a daily basis but is consistently looking for ways to get even better results while furthering our clients’ marketing dollars.

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