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We help tire & auto businesses increase car counts and improve customer retention through email marketing!

Whether you’re operating 1-2 locations, or you’ve got shops across the country, Conceptual Minds is your premier auto repair email marketing agency. We don’t have any loyalty to a specific email software provider! In fact, we help our customers get greater value out of whichever software they may be using.

Our master email marketers understand the challenges of tire & auto businesses and focus on designing, developing, and delivering eye-catching and timely emails that convert.

Please pick the section below that best describes you and your email marketing challenges so we can show you how we turn such opportunities into increased car counts and profits for your automotive business!

I Operate a Single Shop or Mid-Size Multi-Location Tire & Auto Shop Business That:

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Why Effective Automotive Email Marketing is Critical for Your Auto Service Business?

If you’re looking to increase car count and repeat purchase rate for your auto shop(s), auto service email marketing is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to reach your current and past customers. Here’s why:


of consumers check their email daily* compared to 74% of daily users on Facebook, world’s top used social media network

(2017 Data & Marketing Association Report; 2019 Pew Research Center Data)


ROI (return on investment) or $44 gained for every 1$ spent on email marketing specific investments

(2018 Campaign Monitor Study)

The opportunity to bring customers back to your shop through email is tremendous! However, like most marketing, email marketing requires some on-going effort. So, if you don’t have anyone managing and improving your auto shop’s email marketing on a regular basis or if you’ve put it in “set it and forget it” mode with one of the popular email software providers then you are likely missing out on a big opportunity!

Ready to get a better understanding of what your current automotive email marketing investment is getting you? Let the Conceptual Minds master marketers conduct a FREE analysis of your campaigns that will include comparing your campaign performance to industry benchmarks.

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Want a Roadmap to Start Maximizing Your Email Marketing Dollars?

Download our 100% free “7 Must Have Emails for Your Auto Shop Marketing Toolbelt” to get the top email messages you should be sending – proven to bring more customers to you. If you’re hoping that your email marketing will generate that 4,440% ROI return on investment (we mentioned above) you’ll want to download this list!

Our Automotive Email Marketing Solutions

After 12+ years of supporting auto service businesses, our knowledgeable team understands the campaigns needed to maximize your email marketing efforts. We offer robust and high performing email strategy, campaign creation, and on-going management that helps our tire & auto shop clients better engage, convert, and retain their customers. We offer:

Expert Content Creation

Messages that connect with your auto shop customers on a personal level

Eye-Catching Designs

Beautiful, mobile-friendly, and client branded email design

Excellent Results

Expert strategy that includes timely, highly relevant, and personalized emails that often lead to double digit growth in repeat customer visits

Custom Algorithm

Proprietary algorithm enabling timely tire tread wear reminder emails

Client Success Story

Daniels Tire Service

Client Overview:





More Emails Opened Per Quarter (Three-month Period) After One Year


Higher Clicks Per Email Per Quarter (Three-month Period) After One Year


Growth Of Customer Email
Contact List After Three Months

Client Testimonial

  • We ask our guys to do a lot, and regardless of how good they are, we know it’s not always possible to cover everything with a customer. Conceptual Minds help us deliver relevant and timely messages that matter most in building long lasting relationships and growing our business without breaking the bank.
    Zack Wiygul, Owner
    Wiygul Automotive Clinic
  • There aren’t many marketing agencies who actually get tire & auto AND are 100% invested in seeing your business succeed. You won’t find a lot of other teams like Conceptual Minds – the amount of time and care they put into anything and everything they do for us is hard to beat.
    Omar Gutierrez, Owner
    The AutoMedic
The Conceptual Minds Difference

We understand that you have many choices when picking an email marketing provider. As you consider other options, we want you to remember that with Conceptual Minds you can always count on our team to provide your customers
with timely and valuable information, which is proven to increase customer loyalty, and repeat purchase rates.

By investing in our automotive email marketing services, your  business can expect:

Ongoing Improvement

Our “never satisfied” master marketers continuously evaluate and look for ways to improve your email marketing results

Maximum Value

You will get the most out of your current email marketing with services such as auto shop Demandforce management

No Forced Long-Term Commitments

You’ll have access to high quality email services without the high-cost, long-term commitment


Money Savings

We’ll help your business identify ways to reduce expensive print costs by helping you opt for cost-efficient, targeted email reminders and other promotions

Our Team Has Expertise In Top Automotive Email Marketing Systems

Maximize Your Automotive Email Marketing

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Automotive Email Marketing FAQs

Q: Can Conceptual Minds use our existing email marketing software to help maximize my auto shop’s email marketing results?

A: Yes, absolutely! Our team has zero loyalties to any provider, meaning we are very flexible working with any/all available email marketing software in the marketplace. Long story short, our goal is all about helping our clients create and deliver the best campaigns possible so they can maximize their profits.

Our master marketers have plenty of hands on experience working with a wide range of email marketing platforms – anything from auto service industry specific platforms like DemandForce to those used by the automotive sector’s top performers, such as Oracle Eloqua. So, we understand the ins and outs of each email platform and how to help you tap into their potential and get the most out of your email marketing dollars.

Q: We’ve had little luck collecting email addresses from our customers. How big of an email list do we need to get started?

A: As the popular saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. At Conceptual Minds, we are strong believers that every business has to start somewhere to get closer to generating results (and more profits in your pockets). Our team can definitely help you launch email marketing even with a small number of email addresses.

Of course, the larger the list, the more you would benefit from your email campaign efforts. But don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of tricks up our sleeves to help you collect new email addresses quickly (even from your most resistant/uninterested customers).

Q: Would your email marketing services include sending more emails to my customers? If yes, aren’t you worried that’ll upset my customers and just cause them to unsubscribe?

A: Yes, our email marketing services will most likely include recommendations encouraging your shop to send more emails to your current customers.

Regarding your concern about upsetting customers, it’s definitely valid. However, our years of experience and testing shows that consumers are more (not less) likely to engage with your shop if the emails you send are timely AND relevant. The problem you’re worried about often happens when a business randomly emails customers without understanding their purchase history and buying behavior. At Conceptual Minds, we only encourage sending relevant email messages and our approach has delivered fantastic results for our tire & auto service clients, time and time again.

Q: We’ve tried email marketing before with little success. Why should I re-consider it for my auto shop?

A: We know that it can be disappointing to invest time and/or money into something that doesn’t yield good (or any) results. However, it’s also important to understand why that effort didn’t work and/or failed. There can be several factors that contribute to generating limited or no results from email marketing efforts, including:


As we mentioned at the top of this page, email marketing currently produces 4,400% ROI on average for businesses across all industries. So, obviously, this strategy is working really well for many businesses, including those in the tire & auto service industry. Therefore, it’s likely that one of the reasons listed above probably prevented your shop from getting the results you were looking for in the past.

Our master marketers always take the time to understand your previous efforts (and determine why it did or didn’t work) before recommending next steps or any new email marketing investments. At Conceptual Minds, being honest and setting the right expectations for our clients is our top priority. So, you can rest assured, if our team feels that we can’t help you achieve success through email marketing (or any other marketing effort), we’ll be the first to let you know!

Q: Our print marketing and in-store perks have always kept our customers coming back. Why do we need to add email marketing?

A: We’re so glad you asked! There’s actually a great deal of data that says email marketing can increase the results generated through direct mail. According to Royal Mail research:


Also, as you likely already know direct mail is far more expensive than email. By adding email as part of your marketing investment, Conceptual Minds can help you use direct mail more efficiently. Over time, our team will work to save your money by helping identify customers that engage well with your business through email. Once narrowed down, those customers may no longer need to be communicated with through direct mail, which will allow your shop to reduce costs.

Q: I already invest in email marketing with the help of another company. Why should I consider Conceptual Minds?

A: That’s a very fair question. At Conceptual Minds, our team takes a hands-on, data-centric approach to email marketing. We take the time to create highly effective and eye-catching email designs along with content and messaging that really connects with your customers. Our team’s approach combines our tire & auto service industry experience, specific insights we collect about your business, plus our in-depth email marketing expertise to create campaigns that deliver results that don’t just meet but exceed your expectations.

But we don’t just stop there. Our master marketers regularly measure how your campaigns are doing, assess your results against tire &auto industry benchmarks, and conduct on going testing. We then take all of this information to build on the campaigns that are working and get rid of those that aren’t, so we continue maximizing your email marketing investment on an ongoing basis (well after they’re first launched).

We know there are many solid email marketing providers out there that produce great results for their clients. That’s why before getting started with every new client, we first conduct a thorough analysis of your current email campaigns. This assessment lets our team and our potential client (you) know whether you’re already getting the best results possible or if engaging our master marketers can help further your shop’s business goals (e.g., increase customer retention, grow car counts).

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