Shifting Email Marketing
Potential Into High Gear

How One Multi-Location Tire & Auto Shop
Turbocharged Their Customer Connections

Daniels Tire Service

Daniels Tire Service is a family-owned tire and auto repair service business, serving Central California. Now run by the fourth generation of the Daniels family, the operation includes 14 personal and commercial vehicle service centers, and a Goodyear retread plant. When it comes to priorities, the Daniels family is always looking for ways to better connect with their current customers as a way to build customer loyalty and retention. With the help of Conceptual Minds, Daniels Tire Service began deepening customer relationships by tapping into the potential of their email marketing.

The Results

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higher quarterly average of total emails opened after one year

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higher quarterly average of total clicks per email after one year

The Fuel (Powering the Results)

What We Provided?
What We Delivered?
In-depth analysis of client's current email marketing platform, campaign performance, and content
Proven email strategy built to engage and retain Daniels Tire Service customers
The Nuts and Bolts
The Challenge

Daniels Tire Service was doing email marketing on an inconsistent schedule. Their team also had limited success growing and maintaining their customer email list. Looking to get better, more consistent results, they partnered with Conceptual Minds to help re-vamp their email efforts. As part of this project, our master marketers helped assess their current platform, create an overarching email marketing strategy, and jumpstart building out an updated, complete email contact list.

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The Solution

Conceptual Minds’ master marketers worked to create a long-term email marketing plan for Daniels Tire Service. This plan included a monthly email schedule that ensured Daniels Tire Service was connecting with customers regularly with timely, relevant messages. With the help of Conceptual Minds, the Daniels Tire Service team also started practicing more effective and consistent ways to collect and update customer emails. 

Why it

When it’s all said and done, Conceptual Minds helped the Daniels Tire Service team re-vamp their email marketing program. Starting with identifying the best email platform that fit their business goals to maximizing their approach to collecting email contacts to creating an overarching campaign strategy of which emails to send when, and of course designing mobile-friendly, eye-catching email content. Here’s three big reasons why their email upgrade worked for Daniels Tire Service:


More Email Addresses, Greater Reach:

Daniels Tire Service went from having no strategy for collecting customer email addresses to using proven tactics that doubled their customer email contacts and reach.


Better Planning, Better Results

Daniels Tire Service went from driving their email marketing based on “gut-feelings” to relying on real customer data. Building email campaign content, design, and schedules using actual consumer behavior put the tire & auto shop on a path towards a more responsive, engaged, and loyal customer base. 


Better Communication, Stronger Connections:

Daniels Tire Service went from sending emails every once in a while, to delivering the right emails at the right time. As a result, their email marketing is now far more effective at fueling deeper trust and loyalty among their customer base.

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