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Why Direct Mail is a Must-Have for Auto Repair Shops?

You’ve heard it all over; direct mail is done, digital is everything!

If this sounds suspect, you’re in good company. Advertisers and ad agencies regularly underestimate direct mail’s return on investment (ROI) by a huge margin. Print’s average ROI – 29% – is too good to ignore.

 Use our Direct Mail ROI calculator to see what’s possible for your auto shop.

Direct mail plays an important in an auto shop’s marketing strategy by bringing time-tested techniques to motivate prospects. Your auto shop can:


Increase Revenue:

28% more money spent by direct mail recipients – compared to digital





Improve Brand Recall:

75% of direct mail recipients immediately recall the associated brand’s name, compared with 44% brand recall for a digital ad

(Marketing Profs)

Ads for Auto Repair Shops Require a Professional and Strategic Approach

Auto repair businesses frequently have a hard time creating successful, money-saving campaigns – a problem when not solved, leads to failure. Since the industry’s margins rarely cover cost of full-time marketing talent that invested in constant measurement and testing that leads to maximum success, auto repair shops understandably struggle to attract a regular stream of new leads. That’s where we come in.

Our expert team will launch, manage, and analyze your shop’s print campaigns on diverse platforms to find untapped opportunities and profitable prospects in your service area to help grow your car count. Our decade plus of automotive marketing experience means we’re uniquely qualified to lead winning campaigns.

Our clients love our approach. Read their comments.

Our Auto Shop Direct Mail Solutions

Our team offers automotive businesses access to a variety of print marketing solutions, including:

Valpak: Send Print Marketing to Your Most Lucrative Prospects

For over 50 years, Valpak’s coupon filled blue envelope has given businesses a powerful way of tapping into new audiences with deeper wallets. Their mail reaches homes with 33% higher income than average American.

Performance tracking is also available, helping businesses evaluate response rate, calculate ROI, and optimize campaign for highest returns.

Whether you’ve never advertised in Valpak or been using it for years, we can help your automotive business save money while maximizing opportunity with our:

Valassis: Reach Prospects with Relevant & Advanced Targeting

Like Valpak, Valassis gets you in front of your target customers using a highly credible and well-known print media publisher.

How We Enhance Valassis Services?

New Movers: Reach New Prospects at Scale

New mover campaigns allow your business to reach the newest neighbors in your target service area. Our team will help maximize your new mover ads with our:

Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM) and Reminder Postcard Campaigns

EDDM campaigns help local businesses reach each and every home in their target area, making them practical and low-cost ways of increasing car count.

How we enhance stand-alone postcard services?

Low Price Guarantee

Our Low Price Guarantee

As veteran automotive marketers, we’re confident in our ability to increase car counts. We guarantee the lowest price on your next direct mail campaign*.


*applies to direct mail options of similar size, weight, etc. Written quote required. Conceptual Minds reserves the right to decline any price match at our discretion.

What Our Tire & Auto Shop Clients Say

  • John Daniels, Executive VP
    We never expected to find a marketing agency that cares so much about making sure we maximize our print marketing dollars. Not to mention – Conceptual Minds does it all – from helping us target the right customers, to creating design that gets us noticed in all the right ways and helping us track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. If you want your tire & auto businesses’ print marketing done right, they’re your best bet!
    John Daniels, Executive VP
    Daniels Tire Service
  • There aren’t many marketing agencies who actually get tire & auto AND are 100% invested in seeing your business succeed. You won’t find a lot of other teams like Conceptual Minds – the amount of time and care they put into anything and everything they do for us is hard to beat.
    Omar Gutierrez, Owner
    The AutoMedic
Print Design Guide

Improve Car Count With Print Design That Stands Out?

Use this 100% free cheat sheet for help getting your direct mail noticed!

The Conceptual Minds Difference

Your growth is our priority. Our print marketing services are designed to help you reach your best prospects, convert them with expert creative design, and enjoy the lowest possible rates, guaranteed.

Find the right customers, increase car counts, and grow revenue – while reducing marketing cost.

Automotive Expertise

Our team has 12+ years of of auto repair and automotive industry experience.

Precise Targeting and High-Quality Lists

Targeting tools that deliver the right message to the right vehicle owners at the right time.

Buying Power

Our size and vendor relationships let us negotiate rates typically unavailable to local auto repair businesses – with the savings passed onto you.

Success Measurement

Our advanced analytics capabilities and professional campaign analysts set us apart from  other providers.

Explore Direct Mail for Your Tire & Auto Business
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Automotive Direct Mail FAQs

Q: Will Conceptual Minds help me determine the ROI (return on investment) for my direct mail campaign?

A: Yes, Absolutely! We ensure that everything we do drives value. This includes – but is not limited to – our direct mail marketing campaigns. We implement a variety of tracking techniques to track ROI and help  you understand campaign insights in the clearest terms.

Q: Which kinds of automotive businesses can benefit from direct mail marketing?

A: Most automotive businesses can and do benefit from direct mail marketing. It’s unique strengths make it well suited for targeted local and regional marketing.

However, the results of individual print campaigns do vary, and a poorly created campaign can quickly turn sour and become very expensive. One needs the right strategy, targeting, messaging, and tracking to achieve the best results possible.

Q: Why should I use Conceptual Minds over another direct mail marketing service provider?

A: Conceptual Minds has over a decade of experience buying and executing effective print marketing campaigns for auto shops. Our clients benefit from our strong relationships and buying power, enjoying rates, targeting depth, and creative excellence not usually available through local reps.

Additionally, our only loyalty is to our clients. Our team’s efforts are always focused on creating the right design and messaging and analyzing results to offer the best possible advice regardless of provider.

Q: What can I expect from Conceptual Minds as my automotive direct mail marketing partner?

A: We use a four-step process proven to maximum results through direct mail for auto shops.

Q: How quickly can Conceptual Minds launch my automotive direct mail campaign(s)?

A: Time from start to finish depends on the type, size, and scale of your campaign(s). In general, it takes around 40-45 days to help you create print collateral (whether its Valpak, Valassis, new movers, EDDM, or reminder postcards) and launch your campaign.

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