Tire & Auto Shop Website Optimization

Small issues can lead to BIG losses on the web!

We help identify and resolve such issues before they cost your shop big money.

Why Auto Repair Shop Website Optimization is a Critical Investment for Your Business?

Ever heard the expression – death by a thousand cuts? Well, that’s what all the small inefficiencies on your website can mean for your shop!

It’s been well documented by various digital experts that today’s consumer will interact with your business’ website much more than they will with your entire sales team. As your top salesperson, your website should leave visitors fully satisfied with their experience while building trust in your business.

Yet, most tire & auto service websites today seem to have similar designs and limited customization. They are rarely designed for high volume lead generation and often leave visitors with lots of unanswered questions.

Business owners would like to believe that prospects will pick up the phone and call to get those questions answered. In reality, these prospects are more likely to move on to the next business within their search results.

A website should be regularly evaluated (aka optimized) in order to achieve a high volume of lead generation – something that rarely happens in the tire & auto industry today.

Investing in Conceptual Minds as your tire & auto shop website optimization partner will help your business:


Increase Lead Volume

generated both through your website and via phone


Maximize Website Ease and Speed

for consumers to get answers to priority questions so they convert


Reduce Customer Clicks

required to take desired action (download coupon, order tires/service, etc.)


Achieve Big Gains

in car counts and profits, even with minor changes to your website

With our tire & auto shop website optimization master marketers, you will bring in website traffic, web and phone leads, and customers to your shop, like never before. For maximum results, you should also consider checking out our auto repair website design services.

Client Success Story

Daniels Tire Service

Client Overview:





Increase in Total Online Service Appointments After (1) One Year


Website Visitors Reaching Final Tire Price Page After
(1) One Year


Improvement in Overall Website Conversions Rates After (1) One Year

The Conceptual Minds Difference

At Conceptual Minds, our team of seasoned web developers, graphic designers, content writers, SEO experts, data analysts, and digital strategists specialize in maximizing website performance. With over 12 years of combined experience supporting auto service businesses, we’re also experts in diagnosing and solving the common issues that lead to low or under-performing automotive websites. Our automotive repair shop website optimization services deliver results that help increase online leads and bring more customers to your shop.


Proprietary Website Optimization Model

We use 25+ Indicators, like website speed, mobile experience, and lead volume to assess and improve websites, tailored to advance tire & auto shops business goals and priorities.


Google Certified Team

Our website optimization team is certified in Google Analytics, GoogleAds, and Google Tag Manager, with first-hand expertise to help our clients outperform their competitors on Google and other search engines.


Client-Specific Solutions

We assess each client’s full online landscape, including your website, competitors, and audience to deliver the highest traffic, lead, and conversion volume, resulting in more customers at your shop.


Full-Service Website Optimization Packages

We focus on all aspects impacting website performance, including design updates, web development, maintenance, integrations, content marketing and SEO tactics.

What Our Tire & Auto Clients Say

  • When it comes to tire & auto shop website work, Conceptual Minds knocks it out of the park, every time! If you’re looking for a ZERO STRESS experience with a team who gets to know your business, understands the tire industry, always responds, and delivers TOP-NOTCH websites that CONVERT your leads into actual customers - go with Conceptual Minds!
    Zack Wiygul, Owner
    Wiygul Automotive Clinic
  • John Daniels, Executive VP
    When your marketing agency gets you results like Conceptual Minds, you stick around. But it’s not just the new customers and higher car counts – it’s the fact that they’re more of a partner than a provider that makes Taran’s team and their approach the best choice for our shop.
    John Daniels, Executive VP
    Daniels Tire Service

Our Tire & Auto Shop Website Optimization Process

Our team of master marketers know that implementing tweaks that maximize your website performance take thorough research, strategic execution, ongoing analysis and reporting. Our process reflects that approach, but is also customized for every client, every time.

Step 1

Identify web optimization tactics, and management best suited to advance your business goals

Step 2

Analyze your website’s user behavior, traffic flows, and other data to determine your key gaps and optimization opportunities that inform your optimization strategy

Step 3

Create and execute adjustment of code, content, design, etc., to help improve your conversion rates and maximize your website’s performance

Step 4

Analyze results regularly to identify ongoing opportunities for further improving your website’s performance 

Start Maximizing Your Website’s Potential
Automotive Repair Shop Website
Optimization FAQs

Q: Can Conceptual Minds work directly with my current website provider to make the changes needed to optimize performance?

A: Yes, our team is more than happy to work directly with your provider. We can also support you/your team to make sure that the changes/updates/upgrades we identify for your website are implemented correctly and completely. Our team has hands on expertise coordinating/communicating with the most popular website providers in the tire & auto service industry. So, we understand the ins and outs of websites developed by each provider, how to go about improving performance, and what’s possible versus what may not work for your website.

Q: How quickly will my website start getting more leads and conversions after CM starts optimizing it?

A: There are a number of factors that play a role in improving lead volume and conversion rate on a website. Although it’s tough to provide a specific timeframe, we normally see our efforts pay almost instant dividends for our clients.

Q: Do some website optimization efforts generate more leads/conversions than others? Can CM assess the tactics most likely to deliver better or faster results for my shop?

A: The short answer is yes! As you can imagine, not every website change is meant to deliver instant results. When working with a new client, our master marketers always start by doing a deep dive into your website. Then, our team uses what we learned to recommend changes in the order of most to least importance. Finally, we work with you to weigh the cost and benefit of each recommendation to decide the best starting point for your business.

Q: Can a minor adjustment to my current website really lead to a big boost in my shop’s revenue?

A: Yes! We regularly see small changes leading to big improvements for our clients. Frankly, what may seem like a small change can be a big deal for prospects visiting your website, and ultimately lead to faster conversions, bringing more customers to your shop. Truth be told, it’s not uncommon for our master marketers to have opinions on what may work; however, that’s where our team checks their egos at the door and lets the website performance data do the talking. That’s why you can count on us to uncover issues that others may dismiss as minor, but when addressed can make a huge difference for your bottom line.

Q: We recently completed a re-design of our shop’s website. How long should we wait before investing in website optimization?

A: We hear this question a lot, and always respond by asking – “would you train the new sales guy/girl you just hired or put him/her on the counter to start manning the phones on his/her first day?” If you answered training, consider your new site the new salesperson and optimization as their training. That makes website optimization especially critical right after the launch of a new site (or its first day on the job).

At Conceptual Minds, we believe that your website should be your best salesperson, so launching a new site should be the starting point. That is, if you want to get the most out of it, you have to continue to invest in it post launch.

Q: How much do you charge for website optimization services?

A: You can engage our team for a one-time effort or on an ongoing basis. If you’re looking for the best investment, you should definitely consider our monthly package option. That way you’ll have our master marketers tracking your stats and offering ways to continue improving your website’s performance, making it your top salesperson in no time!

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